Xbox profile locked

Hello. Playing aoe2 de steam version.cafter the most recent update I
Tried to log back into Xbox live but used the wrong email ( Gmail instead of outlook that is linked to Xbox companion). It now says my account is locked.

How do I change the email that you enter when you click the Xbox icon in the main menu. It doesn’t ask me to enter again just says account is locked . So far I’ve tried reinstalling the game but nothing

Hi @Llamasb4Alpacas, Go to the Xbox Companion app and sign out of it. When you relaunch the game it should ask you again to sign in with your desired Xbox Live account.

That didn’t work. Even tried clearing cache from ie

I would suggest reaching out to the support team here: Submit a request – Age of Empires Support

Thanks will do that.

Is there a way to log out of an Xbox profile? Is there a cache I can clear or file I can delete somewhere?