Xbox Profile not Linking

Despite clearly being online, and linking my xbox profile earlier, the xbox profile is not linked and says “cannot be linked while offline.”

Hey @stephensundin! Are you still seeing this? Were you linked before the most recent update, but now see it as unlinked?

I can’t say that I know. I only noticed because I got a pop up for a Steam achievement but no Xbox notice about the same achievement.

Thank you for the update @stephensundin. The team is looking into it!

One thing you might try is switching away from Borderless Fullscreen if you are using that setting. This might help the sign-in pop up appear correctly.

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No luck. I switched to windowed mode and it still shows the error

I have the same problem.

The error i get in warnings.log is

000025368]: XBoxAchievementService::HandleGetRelationships, response error: generic_error

@nogr1nd @ageekhere please contact support with your warnings.log file. The team is looking into this one, but any information will be helpful. Thanks!

I have had the same problem from launch I have never been able to link my account to Xbox Live

@Veridamar please do contact support with your warnings.log file. The more info we can get on this one, the better. Thanks!

I can’t find my warning logs file. Does it go by a different name then the one mentioned in the link?

@Veridamar You should be able to find warnings.log at C:\Users[username]\Documents\My Games\Age of Empires IV\

so the aoe 4 folder is not there.