Xbox Release?

I know it’s early days but I am really hoping for a console release down the line. My old laptop can only play the AoE 2 HD edition and even then not very well, and I feel like I am missing out!

I remember reading something a while ago saying that if the team could get the controls right they might release it on console. I would happily buy a mouse and keyboard to play this on my Xbox One X, no controller scheme required.

That would be a much lower bar of entry than buying a newer PC to use in terms of expenditure.

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I hardly doubt that will ever be an console version for AoE, even for the upcoming AoE 4. RTS games simply don’t fit well without a mouse and keyboard scheme. Only RTS i’ve seen to achieve a decent system for gamepads was Tooth and Tail, but even that the game systems were quite simplistic.

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I think they would have a lot of trouble optimizing the AoE2:DE to run on Xbox One, because the game uses an old engine that runs only in 1 CPU core and it needs an insane amount of RAM, especially with the 4K textures

I’ll give you some homework. Try figuring out what buttons would control certain actions, and how you would move around the map etc. Then tell me if you think its possible to add to console :slight_smile:

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Well, there’s a PS2 port :grinning:

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This would be why

If they release a console port then they MUST force the use of Mouse and Keyboard. Playing RTS with a controller is just big no.

can you guys do all of us a favor and read the whole post before commenting your opinion?

Thing is, darling, that console games are made and sold considering given videogame console tools, especially the base kit ones. So, I can’t see a game being released on a console with a control scheme that does not come with the console itsfel, and I hardly doubt that will ever be a AoE title with reasonable gamepad controls, thus I can’t project a AoE console release .

I know there’s a few exceptions on this, like the VR kits for consoles, the Kinect, PS Cam, etc. but these tend to be a big failure, and even when they not, still pretty unpopular (read unprofitable).


My fault for mentioning the controller at all. I remain a hopeful fan regardless. I think it’s an opportunity for Microsoft to extend their market to current Xbox owners who would be willing to use a mouse and keyboard. Buying those is still cheaper than upgrading a PC…I think?

I did dumb dumb :expressionless: can you do us a favor and not assume we didn’t read the whole post