Xbox Version is great even as a PC player

I am really happy this game came out on console. I am a PC player but also have an Xbox I usually use for JRPG games or just laid back games every once in a while.

As a PC player I highly recommend giving this game a try. The Xbox controls are really fun, the auto economy isn’t great but doable and still fun considering you are playing on console I honestly don’t really care I am just there to chill out and play the game. Multiplayer is fun and having a blast so far. Never thought id be laying on my couch playing this game on controller. 10/10 recommend you try this if you are on the fence.

To touch base on the auto economy again. If I am being honest it sucks for early game a little but mid game after around 15-20 vills honestly its the best cause you can relax while it gathers for you dependent on what you want based on the wheel. Being able to focus on just fighting and creating troops and relax makes this super enjoyable.

I truly hope more people jump in and give this a try, I also hope more people play and realize how great it is so that it lives on and has a strong community on the Xbox. I would like to continue to be able to just go on my couch every once in a while to continue to play. Matchmaking also has a quick match which you can queue 1v1, 2v2, 3v3 & 4v4 all at the same time with no stat repercussion so you wont gain or lose any stats or elo.

Edit to add more: You arent force to play PC players or Steam players. You have options to turn that off. Dont feel the pressure. You can play with Xbox players only so no need to stress.


I enjoy I remember I was 15 and saw demo for aoe then bought aoe 2.

Time has past but console version is good. If economy is struggle then auto economy will help. But I feel in long run it hurt player more for useing it.

Depends if you are in it for fun or being serious. I like the auto economy for the sake of chilling on my couch playing it for fun.

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