Xbox Wire Blog: Age of Empires is coming to Steam!


Big news for all Age of Empires fans! The I, II, and III Definitive Editions will ALL be coming to Steam! We’ll talk more about the timelines of each game as we get closer to their release, but this is big news for those of you looking to explore the Ages on your favorite gaming platforms!

Read more in the full Xbox Wire blog:


Well done, a wise decision indeed! :wink:


Thx, thats are great news :grinning::smile:

Will we be able to transfer our Windows Store versions to Steam? I don’t want to have to buy the game again.

The community team stated on social media that there will be crossplay between the Microsoft Store and Steam versions of the game so you do not need to buy the game again on Steam to play with Steam users.


Perfect news!

It seems that Microsoft want to take the lead in gaming industry with new innovative projects

That was something recently being discussed quite heavily here in the forums, that’s pretty awesome that it came together!

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I’ll be buying it again because why not. Microsoft makes money from people like me :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Buy it for your friend then :slight_smile: You will be able to play your current version on Steam anyway

Thanks Microsoft!

Me too. Lol, it was only $20, well worth the price, but all of my next aoes will be in Steam for sure. (Not really, MS store. Cuz I hate log in to steam, and I rather support the dev)

I got mine for $5, had a $10 voucher from Microsoft rewards and then had a promo code. Also have $30 sitting in steam lol

I am looking forward to seeing some info / screenshots of AoE II: DE.


Hopefully at 9. june E3 :slight_smile:

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Will it be playable on windows 7?

Probably not, since Xbox live is on Windows 10 only and support for windows 7 end on january 7.

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Good news- I’m hoping this move expands the multiplayer base!

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