Yam Speed

Hello all, as a new player to the VI, I am a little confused with “Yam Speed” Can someone explain what the “Deer Stones” actually do?

Thanx in advance;

Your units get a speed boost around your towers.

The Mongols have a unique technology called “Yam Network” which costs 100w 250g and can be researched at an outpost. When researched, it causes all of your traders and cavalry units to gain a temporary speed boost (15%, I believe) when they move within a certain radius of one of your outposts.

The Mongols also have an Age II landmark called Deer Stones. When it’s built, the Yam Network technology is instantly activated without the need to research it at the outpost.

Thank you for your quick response! I now understand!

Be well!

Correction; Mongols have a buff called the “Yam” by default, which inproves the speed of traders and cav near outposts. The “Yam Network” technology you can research/granted by the Deer Stones extends this speed buff to all units, including villagers

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Nice, today I learned!