Yellow Clock, Red Clock, Eye icons next to our nicks

can we get official definitions about them?

Yellow clock : moderate fps lag
Red clock : severe fps lag
Eye : player still in the game despite being defeated/game being over


are you sure they are only about fps? cause i even get them sometimes where i have a perfect like rig… cant it be also about the connection stability?

In old version there was a turtle indicating hardware lag (cpu) and red comet for network lag, DE has only yellow and red clock, there is no way to know what is the source of lag.

I have noticed yellow and even red clock when playing long games in far servers despite the game is running at high fps, so the servers have also an impact on the clock color.

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What does the X-box symbol mean?

it means crossplay enabled, afaik.

The Xbox symbol next to a player name means that player is playing on the Microsoft Store version of the game. A globe symbol next to a player name means the player is playing on the Steam version of the game.


Yes, it happens. This game isn’t the better optimized.

The lag identified by the colored clocks are always related to the performance. Since games are now hosted server-sided, the connection delay on your side won’t affect other players, only your own inputs. But a bad performance on your end will affect everyone on the match.

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