Yellow clocks at the beginning make me leave immediately

And I am aware that leavers at the beginning are annoying (talking about unranked games here) since you’re gonna have to rehost and find players again, yea it sucks. But so does having a player with a yellow clock in the first few mins already. A yellow clock will eventually turn to a red clock in mid game and these games are imo unplayable and not enjoyable. These players ruin the fun for me.

In short, I ruin the games for other people because they are ruining the game for me. Is this egocentric? Maybe but that’s a discussion for another day. Is this a problem? Without doubts. But a problem the devs could very easily solve.

Just include the benchmark rating in the lobby. Same way as you included the ranked rating.

Yes, as a host I am gonna kick people below a rating of 1000. As a non-host, I am gonna leave lobbies with players below 1000 as well. But this will save us a LOT of time compared to me leaving when the game has already started and you’re gonna have to rehost. In addition, in total, less players will be annoyed by my kick than by my leave.

Just think about it. The current situation sucks for both sides.


Doesn’t the lobby display ping, and isn’t that clock tied to ping?

I believe the benchmark only tests your own system, not connectivity. I might be wrong.

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Yes playing with a yellow clock completely ruins the fun for me. I’d rather not play at all than play with lag. It is such a poor system. Besides pathing this would be my number one wishlist for DE to provide a fix for. A rough guesstimate is that about half my games are with yellow or red clocks. In 10 years i suppose people will have better computers but until then this system is really poor.

Me too even it’s ranked.

Yellow clock is tied to your computer’s performance during the game, it’s not tied to ping as ping no longer affects other players, just your own commands.

Yellow clocks make the game noticeably choppy (not unplayable, though), and players that constantly have yellow clocks during games should double check their graphic settings.

The devs have been making performance improvements in every single patch so far, but you can only go so far - no amount of code will make a modern game run on a potato.

is the problem defined right? yes.
is the solution offered right? no.

There is a hotfix though

I see that in this thread and also in game there is a large confusion about what the clock means. Maybe the devs should actually explain it in game and draw more attention to this topic. In addition, some people make no difference between the terms “lag” and “low FPS”.

The clock is tied to “low FPS”, that means that your PC is too slow, not your internet connection. Fortunately, the lag problem was solved in the DE with dedicated servers. So in case you’re lagging, you’re the only one that is handicapped by this. This is not true for the low FPS problem. If you’re running the game on a super slow PC, this will also (artificially) influence the performance on the system of your allies & opponents and make the game run slower for everybody.

Of course the devs are working on improving the general performance of the game but this will take a looong time. The proposed solution in my 1st post would be a nice work-around until the performance is guaranteed on most systems.