Yellow line on tooltip

I reported this since the beta. It’s sad this is not fixed on official build.

Version 1.0 release. Resolution 1920x1080.

Maybe this will be fixed with December update?

It kinda makes it easier to see, like it’s intentional and working as designed.
But, considering it’s not there in HD it should probably go. There isn’t even a background color to the tooltips in HD unless it has more than 1 line of text, and that background color is semitransparent.
I hadn’t noticed this line until i read this. Now I won’t be able to unsee it.

They didn’t fix this problem with December update.

This is definitively a bug, because you can almost (but not completely) get rid of this yellow line, if you change tooltip scale.

Look (tested with 12/17/2019 build):

  • 100% HUD Scale, 75% tooltip scale (default settings):

  • 100% HUD Scale, but with 74% tooltip scale. You can see the line is gone on the first image, but it’s still there on the second:

Anyone can tell if they are aware of this?