Yeomen: Allows creation of Longbowmen at Town Center

The unit is matchup dependent, you won’t want Longbows every game (or even most games) but Longbows are a serious step up against massed Siege (practically any type besides Rams), Cavalry archer UU’s (because of their innately high pierce armor after Parthian) and units with relatively high pierce, as one damage can start to be more significant especially in mass.

It’s not a unit for every game, for a lot of reasons, but there will be times where it’s an important option.

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What do you guys think about this?

As an archer class UU, part of the Longbow’s kit is the ability to garrison the Castle (where it is created) and shoot from it.
Therefore it makes sense to create it from a TC (which can be garrisoned) compared to an Archery Range because then it would not lose this piece of its kit.
The TC functions like a mini-Castle.

Some have raised the point that Huns and Goths have the same sort of team bonus as Britons and therefore it makes sense for Britons to take advantage of faster production time at Ranges. It’s actually not a valid point because if you look at production rates for Tarkans at Castle (14 seconds) and Stable (21 seconds) you can clearly see the lack of respect for the team bonus (20% faster stables) from the developers.
And what about Briton’s 50% faster TC build time?

I don’t think it’s a buff. It’s just a change. If anything it nerfs the primary issue with Brits (their range, especially vs siege)

But i just think it’s too much of a change for a lot of people here to accept…

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This “Rams don’t exist”+“if they don’t agree they must be close minded” wombo-combo made the discussion so much better, thk you.

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The advertised benefit is +FUN


The people cry BALANCE


Here are all the ways to tune the change outside of changing unit stats (current values in parentheses):

Yeomen Tech Cost
  • Resources (750W 450G)
  • Research time (60 seconds)
Unit Cost
  • Resources (35W 40G)
  • Training time at Town Center (Castle = 18 seconds) (Villager creation time = 25 seconds)
Replaced Yeomen
  • Foot archer range +1, tower attack +2
Civ bonuses
Team bonus

Replaced Yeomen is easier to see the consequence of, if you imagine the change was:

Yeomen 750W 450G
Foot archer range +1, tower attack +2
Allows creation of Longbowmen at the Town Center

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The Britons are very a powerful civ and Unique Techs never need changes. Huns have the worst unique techs in the game but that doesn’t make them weak, they have the fourth-highest win rate in 1v1 and 3rd highest win rate in team random maps. Plus, Warwolf is really useful as it lets the Trebs get rid of Bombard cannons and Onagers. And the range is what makes the longbow unique.

Do you think the change is fun though?

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In my typical game against the AI, I make 5 castles and I train 68 longbows and 7 trebs. 45 longbows go to war and the others stay home to protect but I think the change is fun as it lets me replace fallen units without taking the defending longbows.

The people cry BALANCE

The people cry LOGIC and COMMON SENSE.

I always thought UU should be trained in buildings according to their type of unit by default (i.e. Mangudai, Longbowman, Kipchack in Archery range; Konnik, Mamelouk, War elephant in Stables; and so on)… Balancing their cost and Training time, of course. And leave Yeomen like it is.

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Interesting. How would you unlock the UU? By building a Castle or an upgrade?

I Wouldn’t call this (all unique units from Barracks/Stable/Archery Range/Etc) interesting, i’d say this takes away from what makes Goths and Huns (mostly goths though), Unique.

Nothing… just ar available mlike KTs or CAs

Goths are uniques because of your cheap and quick training infantry.
And Huns because of cheaps CA… no for tarkans trained in stables.
Chage their UU for another feature.

they have to have that, because they have nothing else going for them. literally without the huskarl at the barracks goths are not just a bad civ but a terrible civ.

what you are asking for is homogenization of the game. not a fan in the slightest.

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Not really… There are various UU people don’t use because aren`t good enough to invest in them building castles to mass, but if they could be created in generic buildings the could be used a little more. It will make all civs more uniques… I think we will see more keshiks, konniks, boyards instead of all kts.

The principal argument when people compares UU with contrapart generic unit it is the dificult of mass UU because of they have to be trained in Castles.
Leave Castles for defence. It is its goal.

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Taking something that is unique to 1 or 2 civs and giving it to all of them isn’t homogenization? weird, that’s literally the definition of the word.

on the contrary most unique units are worth it to invest into, during imperial age. the problem is that the game doesn’t last long enough to get there.

keshiks would get hugely nerfed if they were created at the stable, just due to stats vs cost. Boyars would probably also see a food cost increase if they were made at a stable. Konniks already see use as is.

clearly the castle was designed to be multifuntional, otherwise it wouldn’t be used for creating trebs, unique units, researching powerful technologies, or the ability to drop them forward either.


Creating Longbowmen from TC’s would confuse newer players greatly, as all their hotkeys and building placements would become a complete mess. The overall game experience quality would degrade.

Also, forward TC’s could be fairly OP in many maps. Let’s not forget that TC’s allow up to 15 Longbowmen to shoot while many garrisoned, and even heal themselves. Plus Britons get a discount on TC’s…

Pushing a player out of an important location would be nearly impossible in Castle Age. What sort of military building allows such power spike. British TC’s would work as Castles in practice.

Lets not forget that TC’s can already produce villagers that can garrison them and shoot :bow_and_arrow:

If al civs can do the same use of their UU it is not homogenization because all UU are differents.

More diversity then if it worth from castle age

It can be balanced, is not a problem. And konniks worth because yu can train it in krepost too what gives more strong to my point

All you says it is aditional, but the castle is in essence, a huge blocking building to protect vital zones of the map of clear a zone for a siege offensive