Yes, we would BUY new DLC for this game!

Don’t forget to update your drivers and OS. Latest builds are meant to be run with everything up-to-date.

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I agree 1000% . I heard a youtuber saying that “Ancient and Classical ages are represented in AoE, AoM and AoEOnline” I was like “what?!” they are completely different gamewise! and of these only AoE plays with real history more seriously.


Both AoE1:DE and AoM:EE are beautiful games in their own regard. Sadly, they also got ignored by Microsoft since mid-2020.

I think Microsoft needs to speak up more with the community, instead of staying so secretive. Reminds me of Valve back in the day, when Half-Life: Alyx wasn’t even announced yet.


AoM: EE recently has received many bug corrections and balancing by two major updates. A lot more than AoE: DE ever had, I think :confused:

Honestly I give up on expecting any communication from these people. Recently we had that developer writing a post about the downloadable campaigns he created. Great to finally show some presence after no one ever making an appearance, but all I had to do was ask him about DLCs and stuff for him to like my comment only, and nothing else. I think his silence speaks for himself and the devs.

Filthydelphia’s AoE:DE Campaign Collection - Age of Empires: DE / I - Modding - Age of Empires Forum


Yes… Developers are probably not allowed to share any information for now. We’ll have to wait.
I want to try those campaigns, by the way. They look very cool :slightly_smiling_face:

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He isn’t a FE dev anymore, his last job at FE was to design the sicilian campaign and now he has a job at another company. Also I think that devs are not allowed to reveal any info about unreleased content.


Exactly and one more thing we just need to chat wololo for any updates to AoE DE this year.


I really think devs could at least test the waters with a small DLC, to see whether people are interested in the game (and I think we are :slight_smile: ). This could literally done with a minimum budget, just design 4 new civs without using new architecture sets. New campaigns would also be nice, but not fundamental.

The if it sells well, we could get proper new expansions, with new units and stuff. Ok, enough dreaming…
So, what would you guys want to see in a DLC? Of course, keeping the size of the content to a typical DLC level…personally I would like the most to see new units/techs/upgrades for the existing civs.


The main goal for AoE DE is to have it polish more then we can have a sweet DLC. Some good suggested ideas are civs from Europe like Celts, Iberians, etc. then moving on to other parts of the world. Art of War for DLC would be good as well plus with extra scenarios. A better lobby and spectator mode as well.


I think you are right about this. I hope they will bring us good news any time soon!

They are, actually, great and really challenging! I couldn’t recommend them enough!


Thanks for your clarification, as it is unfair to misjudge him in this circumstances!


I am perfectly agree with you … I WANT new contents … battles … civilizations …