Yoruba Mythology for Retold / Age of Mythology II

Should the Yoruba mythology be included in Retold / AoM II?
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While the Egyptians occupy the African slot, I believe the continent holds a treasure trove of other rich mythologies that the game can explore to captivate AoM fans. A good example would be the Yoruba mythology, which has the potential to do just that. It also helps that the pantheon has been explored by the Smite game as well. Here is my perspective on the culture and which gods, goddesses, and monsters should appear if they were to be included. crosses fingers

Olorun - God of the Sky and Heavens
Yemoja - Goddess of Creation and Water
Eshu - God of Trickery, Crossroads, and Chaos
Orunmila - God of Wisdom and Destiny
Shango - God of Thunder, Lightning, Fire, and Power
Oya - Goddess of Wind, Storms, and Transformation

Yoruba Bestiary:

  1. Agbalagba - It is a legendary creature depicted as an enormous, monstrous bird. Its appearance is associated with mysteries and secrets, and guards hidden knowledge.
  2. Aluko - They are often depicted as giant, reptilian creatures with fearsome features. Their massive size and chaotic nature make them a formidable force associated with disorder.
  3. Eda - Mythical creatures associated with fate and destiny. They can be shape-shifters. Their appearance may change based on the influence on individual lives.
  4. Eleda - Mysterious creatures that are associated with the forests with elusive features. They have unknown and supernatural powers.
  5. Gbemi - The monstrous beings are known for their immense strength and size. They are portrayed as giant creatures easily capable of destruction and turmoil.
  6. Gogoro - Creatures that are known for their cunning and trickery. Their appearances are often portrayed as deceivers, sowing confusion and chaos.
  7. Ibeji Iwalewa - Mysterious and mythical twins that depict dualistic attributes. Their appearance symbolizes the complexity of human nature and duality.
  8. Idogu - Literal nightmarish monsters with haunting features. Your Mr. Freddy Krueger if you will.
  9. Ironu - Monstrous entities associated with misfortune. They have ghastly looks draped in cloaks with eyes that gleam with a foreboding light. They are the harbinger of ill luck.
  10. Kinni - Monsterous entities with ashen and decaying forms. They emit an aura of pestilence. They are associated with the spread of diseases and afflictions.
  11. Okeke - Enigmatic and mysterious entities with transparent and echoing forms. They dwell in the echoes and whispers of the night. They sound otherworldly and communicate through ethereal noises.
    Iku - A terrifying and titanic shadowy figure who is draped in complete darkness and emits an otherworldly aura. Its ominous presence symbolizes the inevitable aspect of mortality and death. Death personified.

Thoughts and suggestions?


Sounds cool! Personally heard of the Yoruba but nothing more. Seems like I have to make some researches.

I think this civ could be interesting and cool but others definitely have higher priority in my opinion.

Also is it me or are most if not all myth units cursed/evil monsters? Do they have some nice/noble ones too? xD

Yeah there are some good spirits as well. I figured the evil ones are more menancing haha. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yes, if you add Yoruba it would be like adding the Hausa from AoE 3 but with mythical units instead of gunpowder units…

But the Yoruba also exist in AoE3DE too!

Sure, but they are a minor civ, also after the 16th century…

But they have unique buildings and of course unique units.
Also an African civilisation would likely be based on a relatively late point in time, similar to the Norse.
Maybe even as late as 15th century.

Of course, that is, in theory any polytheistic mythology between 3000 BC and 1500 AD can enter AoM Retold…

Polytheism was the typical form of religion before the development and spread of the Abrahamic religions of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, which enforce monotheism. It is well documented throughout history, from prehistory and the earliest records of ancient Egyptian religion and ancient Mesopotamian religion to the religions prevalent during Classical antiquity, such as ancient Greek religion and ancient Roman religion, and in ethnic religions such as Germanic, Slavic, and Baltic paganism and Native American religions.

Notable polytheistic religions practiced today include Taoism, Shenism or Chinese folk religion, Japanese Shinto, SanterĂ­a, most Traditional African religions,[6] and various neopagan faiths such as Wicca.

Not only would it be neat to see a second African culture in AoM, but those Aluko sound dope. I love big, fierce reptiles.

A second African mythology would be nice. Though I think a Meso one should probably come first.