You are ready for October 28th


Here everyone can be proud of how it is prepared for October 28.
I’m looking forward to a lot of battles with you.

My PC:

11th Gen Intel (R) Core ™ i5-11600 @ 2.80GHz 2.81 GHz - 4.8.Ghz
GPU: RTX 3060 12GB


Yes I am.
Let’s see what awaits us

So did I get that right: We are going to have an epic battle over your PC at the 28th of October?

I could use that GPU, count me in!
Location and rules?

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I’m not ready, will be writing exams the coming weeks.
Also I’ll check out streams first and see if the game is significantly polished compared to the stress test.
Maybe I’ll buy the game a year down the line on discount once it turns from a beta version into a finished product lol

Who takes exams in October?

Me obviously.
October/November I’ll have quite some.

Don’t universities start their years in September/October or something?

It’s a German college and works a little differently.
The year starts by mid August there like highschool, and elementary school.

So school starts in summer. You poor bastards.

Being fortunate enough to have vacation time to cover it, I took the 28th and 29th off for a fun weekend of AoE.

That said, I’ll probably be working through the campaigns for most of it but have fun battling the other folks online!

Arme Sau, viel Glück :3
Just imagine the servers going down for a week, nobody is able to play and you don’t miss out…


Yeah kinda unfortunate lol.

Clearely not ready or playing.

I decided to not buy age of empire 4 and buy the steam deck insted, whit the game of dice legacy.

I will wait and see if age of empire 4 get a real rework, but i am certain that game is final for ever already, befor any beta test that was ever done.

I am not looking foward age of empire 5, aoe franchise look for ever broken to me.

Loved age of empire 3 mostly.

Aoe 4 look like a downgrade of aoe2, whit bether graphic.

Clearely do not hit the mark for me.


Oh yeah good old times when you got a job and could arrange the vacation according to your needs <3
I used to place them out of the school holidays so I could go on vacation quite cheap :smiley:

Yeah, it is nice.

The first 7 or so years at my current company I was in a support department and had shifting days off and whatnot.

It’s really great to have consistent weekends and vacation time.

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Hahahaaha thanks for cheering me up :smiley:
You are actually right.
I still remember the aoe3DE desaster release when the AA ■■■■■■ up the graphics so hard that I could barely distinguish the units from one another and had to wait for them to patch it.
Damn, it’s been a year already.

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Yup, I’m ready to play the fawk outta AOEIV, assuming it gets at least decent reviews. I’ve been Zerggin’ it up enough for the past ten years or so, time to get back to the historical assss-kickin’.

(I really really really hope they let us turn off the stupid chat filter.)

Am I? How do you know that?

I have already informed my wife that I will be unavailable for social activities starting on the 28th. Should have saved up more vacation days though.


Call me tech noob, but isn’t 11th Gen i9?

Btw your graphics card is bloody amazing lol