You are unable to find or join match!

Honestly this happens at least 4-5 times if not more before a game finally gets going. I don’t get it. What is the issue? Are people seriously just disconnecting? or are the servers just that terrible? Some bug they haven’t figured out yet? What is the reason? Of course the error you get says “check your internet”… rolls eyes… why not put an appropriate error message instead with the actual reason “Player xx quit before the game could start” or something? Or why can’t the system just… get another player to join instead of disconnecting the entire matchmaking and starting over?

I think people dodge some kind of maps, and the only way to do that is disconnecting from the game


This is exactly the reason for so many error messages when in Matchmaking.

When a player does not like a certain map, or is a weirdo that looks up the ELO of everybody in the room and determines that they don’t like the look of their team, they will close the game (the only way to back out) and this will disconnect everybody from the room.

I don’t know why the game cannot drop a player and find another to fill the spot, but in my ignorance I’ll assume it is to avoid people dropping out even more often than they already do.

Yes. That happens when a player use the QUIT button while still in the lobby.
It’s the only way to stop a game and find another game.

I have to admit I did it several times because the game keep pairing us (1400 ELO premade Group of players to players with another group of players of 1800 ELO)

How can we possibly win such games? It’s an unfair pairing… We accept anything below 1800, but not 1800 or above.

One time they pair us with 1900 groups of players. Ridiculous.

How do you even see people’s ELO??? Never even looked TBH.

Here is where you will find all of the stats that people talk about.