You can cancel one of the stone wall and still able to build stone wall tower

Save 15 stone and building time.

Also, stone wall tower only costs 230 resources where a outpost with springald upgrade costs 275 resources (100+175), able to attack quicker (no time needed to upgrade). Seems kind of imbalance for me.

Here is I do it in action and the build that I think should be nerfed…


Lol. Yes this strat is a pain. I feel it is also not game play in the spirit of how this was intended to be used. On top of what you showed: the stone wall tower stairs can be used before production of that stone tower has started. Laying the plan and having a villager nearby, in range, to start construction is enough to use the stairs to get up the stone wall. The villager does not even need to make a single construction hit. This greatly enhances the early stages of stone wall pushes.

There is hardly any risk in this; villagers are so safe so quickly

Thank you for the report @NyanRacinCat!

Appreciate the extra context @KiezelSteentjeh.

We are looking into this.