You not even working out what you THINK you're saying

knight charges? that would get spear braced so zero damage happens. Otherwise the knight just rides in without charging such that they can attack regular melee attack immediately.

Consider time 0 (for reference) when the knight lands its first regular attack.
time 0s 19 attack, time 1.38s 19 again, 2.76s 19dmg, 4.14s 19 again, and finally time 5.52 19 dmg; 5 STRIKES to kill on 90 HP harden spearman with 0 melee armor.

NOW if the knight has only 170HP and the 3 melee armor then the 2 spears would do this!!
time 0s 50 attack (again… thats 28dmg - 3 armor = 25 dmg multiplied by 2 attackers), time 1.75s 50 again, time 3.5s 50 again, and FINALLY time 5.25s 50 dmg! that’s 8 strikes preformed by 2 spearmen in LESS TIME… that it takes 1 knight to kill even ONE OF THE SPEARMAN…

AND!!! this was assuming the knight did NOT charge, OTHERWISE the knight would have been rooted for the 0.4s and not attacking immediately!

You talk all this ■■■■ and you don’t even know half the ■■■■ you’re talking about…stop doing that please.

Once again you’re not factoring whole scenario at all.

Engagement happens between 2 spears and 1 knight.

Knight gets low hp, while spear dies or is low hp and knights runs out and heals up.

Its typical for your to neglect things. Yes you reduce the hit amount required from spears to kill knight but you’re still ignoring 2 major factors.

First knights go back and heal. Spears don’t do that so all the dmg they take is permanent so even if knight hits them once spears are in disadvantage…
Second is spears can rarely force a fight with knights which again results knights running around and picking things off and resulting dmg done. Knight user don’t even have to get kills to force villagers pulled away which results dmg to economy.

So even if you reduce the amount it won’t remove the factor that knights control the map and you’re forced to try zone them out from your resources by splitting spears. More you split more likely knights are outnumbering the spears and killing them.

Yes it becomes easier to kill them but when thats not major factor. If knights in this case french knights didn’t heal at all then your suggestion would make lot of more sense but till they nerf chivalry into ground so till then loss of 20hp is not big deal.