You should be able to recycle stone from destroyed buildings

Historically most stonework was created by cannibalizing other stonework such as the famous Rosetta Stone being recovered while Napoleon’s army was attempting to strengthen their fortifications in Egypt.

If you had some sort of system, such as reducing the cost of a stone building when you put it down on top of a destroyed building that would encourage players to try and retake defensive positions. It would create a dilemma if say for instance a keep was destroyed The defender would be encouraged to retake his lost ground and put a new keep down on top of it. While the attacker would be encouraged to put their own keep down on top of the tenuous ground since it would be cheaper. Without our current system there’s no reason to do that so the defender and attacker will just put their keep back farther where it’s not at as much risk.


Look great like idea, but i think it will fast up the pace of game too much and it will advantage only the invader.

I would prefer to let destroyed buildings on the batlefield has neutral, that enemy units need to go around or pass by a passage in the destroyed building, that will also give a ranged protection bonus.

We could allow villager to recycle destroyed buildings for resourcess by any players.

Like this, it will be fair for the defender and invader, giving them time to think and react, whit a deeper strategy.

Seems good in practice but I’d imagine it would be hard to implement without it being broken, like the above poster said. Although, it does sound like a really cool idea