Young Jadwiga skin and other hero skins

Simple question why does young Jadwiga look like a peasant girl?There is a skin for the queen so why not use that for her?
Right now we have a peasant girl Joan a dark age witch and a princess sharing the same skin so cant the devs give them different skins?


While I love new expansions and glad that I can support devs, lack of new scenario editor objects is clearly visible now. I mean, it nice to see Crusader Knight or Day-Night circle implemented to the game, but still atleast 2 more hero and 2 more standard units would be more than welcome. Like you said, Young Jadwiga should get new model ( also since she use dismounted version of Joan of Arc unit, you can kill soldiers with 11 old girl in first Polish mission ).

I personally really hoped that Zawisza will get new model. Knight with black armor would be so cool. And all he got is only new icon so he still uses Hussars model.

I also hoped for addition units to Hussite campaign like soldiers armed with flails or shield with goblet.


Princess yorddit has the queen skin but they forget to give it to the actual europe princess/queen.

They already have the mounted model made all they need to do is remove the horse and render the foot unit.

the queen doesnt have attack animation

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They can fix that with little effort or just use the idle animation for it.

A missed opportunity by the devs.

The guy is a fully armored knight and the ingame sprite is a light cavalry. great attention to history devs.

Just finished the hussites campaign and damn it would have been so much better if the halberd guys looked like hussite flail man.

Have at it champ.

My unit making days are over unfortunately.

DE is the era for the young and bold not old timers like me.

They should create a child looking unit, to fit the 11 years old age. The old HD DLCs got a lot of new stuff also in editor, this new DLCs are coming with almost no new Editor things.
And if they give castles civ specific set they should do this for the other civs too, monks ext included.

I also think so. Btw the mounted samurai & heavy crossbowman also need unique skins.

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