Your ally open gate for enemy's tower rush on arena

Hi there !!

Here is the game:

MP Replay v101.101.63581.0 @2022.07.08 054226 (2).aoe2record (1.8 MB)

First of all, I said my plan to my team, I’II tower rush to flank which is the goth then Goth came and ‘‘accidently’’, my pocket ally’s scout was here and running enemy’s scout (cuz they wanna zero suspicion) at the same time and open the gate! and goth continued his tower rush without any stone wall force. He splited my walls like the moses red sea splitting.

look at here guys I have no chance to stop this. 2 enemy scouts’, villagers, houses, palisade wall and goth’s micro (he is 2.3k)…

Did you guess that???, map was arena and goth wanna tower rush without any reason(!) cuz Goth has great tower bonus(!), they have ultra guard towers and stone mining and eco bonus(!) also, goths has stone walls to protect tower rush vils from enemy knights (!) so, It’s easy to make tower rush with goths ! omg ! Is this is all coincidence?? all of this was a only ‘‘coincidence’’??? It was 6 AM(GMT+3) and not for european players’ time so Mostly players came from asia/southasia(look nicknames) So I guessed that those guys in the same nation and they were friends ! well here is the questions:

  1. My pocket ally was 16++ rated, It was too hard for this skill to make this ‘‘big’’ mistake Was it just a mistake?
  2. Come on man…?? It was just a accident, he ran out of enemy scout and there was no any ‘‘suspicion’’ you are crazy thinking all of them! shame on you!
  3. Are they in a company? Are they in team speak?

Is was cheating or wasn’t?

What do you think guys ??

edit: lesson learned 101:

P.S. think twice before saying your plan to your teammate and ‘‘close’’ your gates for any ‘‘accidents’’

Thank you !

learn to lock your gate to prevent this from happening especially if you see ally scout closing in.


I’m just going to mention this. It is actually possible that your team mate just put the scout on autoscout, and the Goth was just paying attention and happened to react quickly when your team-mate’s autoscout accidentally ran into your base, because they do that. I’m not sure if that’s what happened, but it might be a possibility.

Is this sarcasm? Goths don’t have a tower bonus.

What are you talking about? They have no ultra guard towers, and the only thing you could really call an eco bonus is not needing to spend time researching loom, all their bonuses are geared towards infantry, nothing remotely tower related.

If it was 6 in the morning for you, and you were up that late, it’s possible your reasoning was impaired from lack of sleep, because none of these bonuses are remotely relevant, and it all really does feel like a coincidence to be honest.

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It’s probably yet another one of OP’s troll threads.

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Ok i watched the replay 3 times already. At first it does seem that the guy did it on purpose, but no. What happened was that his scout was chilling close to your walls, and the orange scout started attacking him. The guy then clicks inside your walls to escape, probably thinking that orange would leave, but orange parked his scout under your gate and used this as a perfect oportunity to tower rush you.

Just bad luck on your part, also bad pathing from Cyans scout because the middle gate was closer than the gate he took, unless you closed the middle gate, that idk.

Weird matchmaking too, by the way. Orange is way too good to be playing at this level. But his team is also random.
But i agree the devs should nerf the Goths ultra guard towers. And remember to close the gates.


Come on man, (!) is meaning of sarcasm of course, I slept 8 hours and I wasn’t sleepy. I meant counter meaning all of it Of course, Goths are not sutiable for tower rush but he was surprisely and suddenly decide to plan tower rush cuz He learnt my plan from my pocket ally via teamspeak or their pc s are in the same room or whatelse… idk… I couldn’t type chinese/asian letters so I couldn’t check their nicknames and profiles for this company but I’m pretty sure that They did the same things again and again in other games too.

  1. Well, Here is the question&answer:

Q: Maybe he is lock on the autoscout?

A: Nope, My pocket ally(p4) knew my tower rush plan so He should be get off my base with his scout when attacking by enemy’s scout atleast any 16++ skill players should be do that ! Also, If you are 16++ skill player and playing arena you should learnt it before You never go auto scout in ‘‘early game’’ cuz We need to see enemy’s position(tower rush, cuman ram rush, archer rush, castle pushes etc…) For example, If game will blackforest so You will go autoscout in early game or just to help immediately your ally’s walling? It’s the samething. 16++ skill never go autoscout in early game at arena at least He is not beginner!!

I don’t think so ‘‘It’s bad luck’’ well… And… yeah I learnt my lesson, I played this game from '98 and I never thought protect my gates from Ally’s .astard and .sshole playing so I won’t lock the gates at this game. After this, never ever unlock the gates…

ty bot trolling and up my thread. I love all of you trolls cheers !

No, /s is usually meaning of sarcasm, I’ve never seen anyone use (!) in English.

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literally never heard that before.

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