Your fav civ is

I know I KNOW, I HAVE READ the complete forum and I know there are lots of things to buff and nerf but just for the sake of fun and good game practice, which civ do you like the most?

I love RUS, fast game, early age ups (3 minutes age 2, 9 minutes age 3), strelets and horse archers are amazing, spasskaya tower and hunting cabin. great civ.
Another good one is Abbasid cause house of wisdom offers amazing technologies.

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HRE is my favorite definitely needs a buff.but I still love to play them.


French, because of crossbows.

It’s going to seem like I hate myself.

But the HRE. I just can’t give up on them. Spearmen are bugged, so are the prelates. I’m fighting for relic control against Rus who just fast-castled. I’m emergency repairing against a Dark Age Mongol cheese. But it’s just so rewarding when all things are in motion!


I like the Rus the best, bounty system is useful early in and I love streltsy, I like the English too with their farms that generate gold

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My favorite is the Holy Roman Empire. They have both a great since of style and fun but simple to understand gameplay.


Chinese is my favourite! I love the micro intensive was and the amount of options they have!

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English. They are weak in imperial but I prefer shorter more action filled games anyway. Playing English reminds me of Terran in SC2 - non stop action. But better since no disruptors or DTs.

Delhi. The more recent patches have not… Helped… But i still find them enjoyable.


I love to ruins other players late-game experience in TG by spamming Fire Lancers or 12 tiles range/extra hp bombards / Or by fastest possible wonder :slight_smile:

I think Mongols. I like that they have less cluttered eco and a mobile army, especially mangudais. Allows me more to focus on fighting.

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HRE. They have the most efficient economy and their age 4 landmark can just print villagers if you loose any.