Your favorite low tier civ

What are your favorite low tier civ and why? Usually som people tend to play and like meta civs, so we forget to discuss the joyful traits of low tier ones.

I wont establish a clear criteria about what a low tier civ is. Whatever you post, do it by heart.


Gunpowder + a Shield bearing Infantry in the Imperial Age + good Navy.

Feels like Renaissance.


Honestly? Turks are my favorite Civ that is clearly in need of love.


Vietmamese is my favorite civ. Open TT, and pretty good archers. I always feel I can do whatever I want. I would say they are even underrated.

Regarding the worst civs (Turks, Koreans, Italians, Portuguese)… well…

I loved Italians the first time I saw them for the coolest architecture set (and Portuguese as well, as a consequence).

Unfortunately they do really some land love. They could be pretty unique if properly buffed. Currently I see a great consensus around an Italian buff (free archer armors + reduced training time of GC) but for Portuguese I do not see a clear preference for the community. I hope at least Italians will get fixed in the next patch…

Bizantines i think, well i like italians too

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Teutons, and if they’re not than Portuguese
Though Incas steal my heart from time to time.

Teutons cause of the fantastic Healing Fortress formation (29 teutonic knights, 21 hand canoneers, 10 monks, square formation stand ground)

The incas cause they’re able to use a variant of the healing fortress - 29 kamyuks, 21 arbalesters/slingers/mix of both, 10 monks

Portuguese cause you can make a fast imp with 35 vills by the 24ish mark and full 10 feitorias +19 pop (219 total) and create unlimited walls/bombard towers while sending your allies the excess resources by the 31ish, give or take a few, minute mark

Yeah Teutons aren’t a low tier Civ, but Portuguese definitely are.


Byzantines are love, Byzantines are life!

I also very like Indians (and yes, I know on paper they are very strong, but now they are bottom civ. What is wierd.)

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low plate rate is why their numbers are as low as they are.

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It sounds cooler to be an ‘indian’ tribe like the incas, mayans, aztecs or cherokees, etc (I realize that last isn’t in the game, though I’d like them to be since I hear they were very different from other indian tribes at the time from this article )

Cherokee by themselves would be hardly justifiable. The entire Iroquois Confederacy would make more sense, since it actually achieved the status of Empire, and could have a cool Peacemaker, prophet campaign.


I love so much koreans, is really hard to play but with korean war war wagon is a fact that you dont do 3 TC because is expensive in wood this unit, but is very strong and hight in health points, I go with war wagon with only 2 TC, and hussar with bombard cannon, is really hard to stop, but the civi is complex too

Portuguese, arquebus gunpowder is juicy

I don’t think Vietnamese can be labeled as low tier anymore, they’re solid mid tier or upper mid tier. Pros pick them too


I like koreans because they are the only civ with a stone gathering bonus, and their onagers are a bit more destructive and suicidal.

I would like to see portuguese played more often. In fact, i made a similar thread in reddit, and no one mentioned the portugese…

Curiously, in this thread, no one has mentioned burmese yet, which are more prefered in reddit

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I would say burmese are slightly superior to Koreans, Portuguese, italians, turks…

However it is really relevant how so many (old) weak civs have been substantially buffed: viets, Khmer, Saracens, goths, teutons… somehow even Koreans in de got an important wood discount.

So I really think that something is going wrong with Portuguese and Italians. And of course turks. Let us hope in the next patch

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i don’t consider burmese a low tier civ.

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I liked Khmer and Koreans before they were popular.

I liked khmer too.every elephant civ holds an special place in my mind.

But are koreans popular now? They are among the 6 bottom less picked civs, in all ranks or in high ELOs.

Idk if they are low tier, but I love burmese. Their Men at Arms is excelente and I love playing elephants

Italians (20 characters)