Your favorite "opposite forces" campaign ideas

What campaign in AoE2 you would like to see remade, where you play as the opponent of the originally intended civ? (like in playing as a crusader in Saladin, as a English in Joan of Arc, etc.) And why?

For me, that would be a Aztecs campaign, but from the Spanish point of view. That would be lovely, with limited soldiers focused on micro, as well as some mercenary system (recruiting natives) like other campaigns have. Also, because i love genociding.

I know of the existence of “Opposing Front” campaigns — Joan of Arc and Willian Wallace. Even without a lot of rebalance they go kinda well.


I would not want any Campaign to be replaced, but I definitely would love a Crusader Campaign.

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Before even reading this i thought of some kind of match up with mesos. So think i support this the most.

I didn’t meant replaced, but more of having other campaign having the same theme. Think of it as a ‘maybe interesting idea generator’ for modders.

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