Your Favourite civilization Bonus

Hello community!

So as the title says, which one is your favourite civilization to play as?

I used to play either Romans, Greeks or Macedonians.

This is due to their unique features:

Greeks: Academy units +30% speed & War ships +30% speed

Romans: Swordsmen attack 33% faster, Towers cost 50% less & Buildings cost 15% less

Macedonians: Academy units +2 pierce armor, Units with no range +2 Line of Sight, Siege weapon costs 50% less & Units 4x resistant to conversion.

Well, as I said in my own post, Shangs, for their early advantage in their economy :D!!

I agree! Shang & those 12 min bronzes :slight_smile:

Eygpt Chariot Hp bonus as gives them the best Scythes in the game.

I used to like playing Macedonian as well, villagers and axeman that can see farther are great for tool rushes whilst when you have aristocracy phalanxes become viable. I always found it a real struggle whether to go down the compies and half price stone throwers route or cav then hops.

My favourite civs are:

Romans: spam legions+helepolis+chariots
Minoans: spam Composite Bowmen.
Palmyra: economy and F1 camels :smiley:



The Sumerian catapults were so good

On water maps definitely minoan.
On land maps: Assyrian, it’s just the best civ.

Choson/Yamato, but I play others often

Yam/Assy vill speed increase is just awesome!

Phoenicians: +65% Catapult Trireme and Juggernaut fire rate. If you are playing in a water map, you win.

Too bad we can’t make a poll in these forums :’(

@BlazingGaming13 said:
On water maps definitely minoan.
On land maps: Assyrian, it’s just the best civ.

Assyrian is good at early rushes but lacks behind in the Iron Age due to some techs being unavilable to them.
But the 30% fire rate of Archers is a force to be reckoned with for sure.

I hope the AoE development team makes it clear what each civ has as a unique bonus. It wasn’t clear in the original.

Well likely see a lot of chances with civ bonusses (smaller numbers) theres a bigger focus on multiplayer with these games than it was 20 years ago, for a single player game its oke to give a civ a solid 50+ percent bonus to something but with multiplayer that would be pretty hard to balance.