Your thoughts on paper money

Just as the title says im curious on your thoughts about the Vietnamese imperial UT paper Money.
(When) is it worth it, if so at what point and why should you best research it?
I personally get it as soon as i can spare the resources.
Some Numbers:

100wood gives you 3.82 gold, faster chopping means faster gold income but doesn’t change the Wood to gold ratio.
With a perfect wood chopper (37.07 w/min no walking time) that translates to 1.416 g/min or about 21.18 wood choppers generating as much gold as one relic.
Of course these numbers are unrealistic and are different in a real game.
For more realistic numbers check age of noob’s

or Sotl’s video GA?si=tUg1NIM9ckuYPVc3

Keep in mind the cost Back then was 600w 350g and now is only 550f 200w

Thanks for reading!
Edit: had to put a space in Sotl’s link, its his Video “new inca Team Bonus and three new UT’s” from a year ago


If Vietnamese didn’t get the new 100% faster eco tech bonus, I’d advocate moving this tech to Castle Age and increase the effect. Right now, I think they are fine.


I too think they’re absolutely fine atm. So without their last buff you would say paper money did too little too late?

A very solid tech for the updated Vietnamese. It doesn’t cost gold itself and generates what’s worth 2 relics of gold at that stage of the game. So even if you have a 2-3 relic disadvantage you can put 50 vills on wood and get more gold than your opponent.


Paper Money used to be one of the worst Imp UTs in the game, but all the buffs Viets eventually got have turned it into a great tech.

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