Your whole game is bugged

I and some other people are complaining about this issues for a week, and still nothing. I must say it, whoever works on it, make a terrible job.

Another problem is this useless forum, where even if your post don’t get a flag and hide, there is no real response, only some shit “we are tracking this error”.

At least make some apologies for thing you are messed up!!!


Guys, calm down. Xbox release wasn’t a minor patch, it was a pretty big thing. It was not only controller support + a simple UI change, It was also a release to a totally new platform.

Shit happens, bugs are a natural thing in software development. It has been just one week since the release and you’re acting like these bugs were there forever and devs never gave a shit about it.

Fixing stuff takes time. I bet they will release a patch soon. Releasing a patch in a rush can bring more damage than not releasing it. A rushed patch can simply introduce more bugs.

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Well on one side you could say that, but you could also say that when you buy a thing you expect it to work. When you buy a sofa you expect to be able to sit on it. It’s only with software that we allow for this sort of thing, and I get that it’s a significantly more complicated process creating software than it is to make a sofa, but that’s why you need to have a robust methodology in place to test and fix bugs before release. This costs more, great. I will pay it.

And it’s one thing for a really weird and rare bug to happen (i.e. you make 11 paladins after minute 10 and the game CTD’s) but it’s another to have a bug which is, no lobbies work for the whole game. Its a serious and quite immediately apparent bug. Its a third thing to have a situation where such a severe bug exists for 11 days without any indication that it’s been fixed. It makes you think that perhaps this is just the way it’s going to be. Servers can’t cope, and we’re just waiting for less players to play. Which is counter intuitive.

I’m certainly not going to be mean about it, it’s just a resource issue which has clearly been incorrectly allocated. It’s not like they’re incompetent, its more they haven’t been given enough time or resource to effectively eliminate immediate and obvious bugs. If anything, it’s on the top management roles to fully understand the environment the devs work in and apportion resource effectively. No doubt they’ve taken a huge cut of the budget for salaries and bonuses and stuff, yay capitalism.


Yeah, but someone came and set my reasonably OK sofa on fire by bringing into the room an Xbox shaped sofa on fire.

I’m not exactly thrilled here.


I registered just to file report of how broken this game is, then I see all these topics of bugs, when will this be fixed?


The thing is for @Jergosurb, me and many others the game is currently not playable. It is crashing in 40-50% of the matches unranked, ranked and singleplayer.

There are at least 4 postes about this issue and nothing is really happening. Just the response “We’re already tacking this issue”.


I don’t know who is responsible, but the issue is severe and self-inflicted. I imagine it comes down to support costs. You can’t just wait and see how the xbox integration is going and retroactively fix the game you broke now that more people are playing it. You could say Microsoft is favoring their xbox users over pc users, and that’s why people are so pissed off. They intentionally broke the game to cash grab with the xbox. And I wonder which group will have priority for bug fixes… it could be months before the bugs on pc are fixed. Or never. What’s the size of the dev team? It’s obviously not enough people to rollout and support all of these moving parts at once.


Console and Pc version of the game are the same.

When will the game be fixed? Two weeks have passed since the update and since people have been complaining about frequent crashes. For me the game is unplayable and these is also for many others.
It is very annoying not having any information about this issue. As you can see there are at least 4 posts complaining about crashes.
Please fix the game.


As said in the official discord and in another thread on this forum, there is a hotfix coming, unfortunately I don’t have the information on the ammount of fixes this update will have. Sorry about this.


Finally. I hope todays Server Maintenance help us too, and then we won’t wait for this “hotfix” another two weeks.

Felizon spoke too soon. The hot fix that was supposed to come out has been delayed due to another problem. No word on when it will be fixed.


how much longer must we wait?


typical devs head in the ground just got kicked from aoe multiplayer THEN i cant rejoin for 10 minutes man these devs have to be the worst ever wait must be my pc thats it must be my pc that bans people for stupid dev functions another gold star for the devs!

also i love the new in-game function of not been able to see farms so great can’t wait to see whats in-store with the next update i like to imagine the devs are like amazon tunnel boring and stupid and one dimensional best believe there will be many bugs with the New DLC so keen for that!

My previous comment was hidden “by the community” (forum mods). I said paying for something you don’t get is a scam. It’s a bait and switch. You pay for something and are promised that thing, then when you get in the store they swap it for garbage. That’s why we’re frustrated, and most of the players that feel this way don’t bother making forum accounts to tell you directly. This will kill the game. That’s my feedback.


Im gonna assume that since it’s been so long and the Devs are completely silent, this will never be fixed?


too much issue man fi it

Dont worry guys. With next major update, they will break it in such a glorious way, that the suffix Definitive will finally stop being ironic 11

you can try play the PUP i learned this yesterday but only problem PUP is you cant play with other players unless they also have PUP but at least you can test to see if the same bugs are fixed