Zhu Xi imperial official on Xbox bug


When you play China you can press the right d pad button to queue up your IOs like monks. With Zhu Ci this isn’t an option. Being limited on the control group wheel they take up unnecessary slots.

Devs can you put a fix that allows us to interact with the IO like Chinese clicking the right d pad button? This would free up 4 control groups for 4 officials.

Thank you.


Upvote. Please fix this issue.

I’ve asked this like 3 times and was told to post here. Still no word from the devs about it. Makes Zhu xi unplayable at competitive level with a controller losing 4 control group slots to officials when we only have so many on Xbox.

@XxShotCallerzxX @tokash1337 - Thanks for reporting this.
We will check into this as soon as we can.

Awesome. Thank you so much. I love Zhu Xi but tracking imp officials on controller without a hot key is rough.

Any update on this? With Xbox controller it’s impossible to keep up with IOs and wastes quick slots.