Zhu Xi Legacy New units and Landmarks - Prediction

Zhu Xi Legacy New units and Landmarks - Prediction

Considering that one of the civ variants (Jeanne) already announced several of its unique units and mechanics in a teaser, one might wonder what kind of new units or Landmarks the Chinese civilization variant would have, or at least what they think before to reveal the teaser for this civ.

Well, this is from another post that I commented on previously (Building idea: replace the 3 pagodas with the Porcelain Tower), but I think it is good to theorize more, since in the future even if they do not add these unique units in their output, just like with the new units that some civs received, it could happen to Future with the base Chinese Civ as the variant Civ. Anyway, some ideas:

I).- Theoretical New Landmarks

Temple of Heaven (II)

It has the Heaven’s Blessing power, which provides 6 HP/s automatic regeneration to all your units for 5 seconds. Cowdown 5 minutes.

Shaolin Temple (III or II)

Allows to activate every 2 minutes “Gong Alert”, which will spawn 2 shaolin monks, who fight with their fists, have high attack speed and high speed but limited life time, and only for defensive purposes.

Summer Palace (II or III or IV)

Produce imperial troops, based on unique units from different dynastic periods. One of the options includes the Mandarin Army, which includes 2 LANG XIAN, and 3 Rattan Soldiers (*new Chinese unique units).

  • Shaolin Squad (Only if Song was active).- Produces 5 shaolin monks with no time limit. #### 100w
  • Steppe Squad (Only if Yuan was active).- Produces 5 Elite Mangudais. 180f 180g
  • Mandarin Duck Squad (Only if Ming was active).- Produces 2 LANG XIAN, 2 Ratan Soldiers and 2 Spearmen, 400f 400g

Porcelain Tower (III or IV)

Acts as a special Pagoda, which supplies all resources, but can house 9 relics. It doesn’t do more. It saves you from building pagodas, which require going to the Yuan Dynasty, and on top of that you can only use 3.

Theoretical New Units:

  • Lan Xian”.- Special Spearman with a tree-spear and heavy armor. Has a Bonus against Cavalry, but slow attack and slow speed. Has 100% more range than a normal spearman and can slow the units he hit.
    HP: 180, Atk: 12, Arm: 4/4, Spd: 1.1, Rof: 2.13, Bonus: +32 vs Cav.

  • Shaolin Monk”.- Infantry that count as religious unit, you can only produce them with the Shaolin Temple “Gong Alert” ability. Has great speed and a fast attack, but a short life span. Count as “shock infantry” as has a bonus against artillery and ranged units. Weak aggainst Spearmans.
    HP: 90-110-130, Atk: 7-8-9, Arm: 0/0, Rof: 0.8, Spd: 1.5, Rof: 2.13, Bonus: +5/+7/+9 vs ranged units, +10 vs siegue units

  • Rattan Shielder”.- Heavy infantry with a shield and a sword. Has great rank armor but mid melee armor, and the rest of the stats are similar to the Men at arm. Produced by the Mandarin Duck Squad.
    HP: 180, Atk: 14, Spd: 1.1, Arm: 3/5, Rof: 1,375.

iii).- What do you think?

Any other Chinese units, perhaps from Aoe III or another game that you would like in the Chinese variant civ?


I think there wouldn’t be any new unit models for civ variants just like the buildings. It will only be some renamed and stat changed vanilla units.


Aussie Drongo said that Jean D’arc was the only civ very close to original civ and expect other variants to deviate more from original civs

I also think this civ will be heavily focused on Shaolin and budhist traditions. Rattan army consisting of Rattan archer, shield man and infantry are expected. If they replace Nest of Bees with devine crow then that would be great aswell

Firstly, I oppose directly copying units from AOE3.

Secondly, ‘狼筅’ is not a weapon against cavalry, but rather a means of dealing with scattered soldiers like Japanese pirates, and considering its weight, it cannot be longer than a spear.