Zhu xi legacy

You can still design a very neo-confucianism-centered civ with a more proper name though the civ representation can be biased (like every other civ does).

Every civ in this series chooses to base on some specific aspects of the historical background but ignoring some others. That’s fine. They are still named with actual nations. If you design a “variant” based on another aspect, you don’t have to call it with a made-up name either.

Like English is already very (almost fictionally) biased towards agriculture but it’s called English not “Kingdom of Wheat”.

AOE3 Maltese over-emphasizes its defensive aspect but it is not called “Defenders of the Mediterranean”.


They abandoned the what-if concept for a one of civ. Ayyubids are variant of civ, but this already is not a what-if civ.

Yes but you can’t call it Chinese 2. The name has to be representative of what you’re going to play. Or better still, what the variant, in this case, is meant to represent.

So, a better name can be found? I think so, like Neo-Confucianist Chinese or a synonym. Anyway the what-if concept remains.

Of course, they’re not a variant…

Nope. The Ayyubids were called Sultan’s Army because they were definitely inspired by the tactical prowess of Saladin’s armies. They only changed the name, the rest is as originally intended.

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They didn’t really change anything about the Ayyubids other than the name, from what we are hearing from streamers. There’s a small chance they might change Zhu Xi’s Legacy name again, but that won’t change the civ itself, the best we could maybe hope for is like calling it Neo-confucist China or something as a civ.

Maybe variants should be a different dlc then japan and byzantines also price should cut half

That seems to be a good explanation but still, zhu xi is such an insignificant figure in Chinese history i don’t get it why they would assume china follow him instead of many bigger and more influential persons.

I mean i probably won’t play aoe4 anymore just because of this xD…i am also aoe2 and aoe3 enjoyer

I respect your decision but… think again! It’s a sad decision…

At this point i think aoe4 is a hot mess. I really think aoe2 and 3 are more fun. You should try too believe me

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I play all 3 of them! And I love them all, every one is different!

If they really want to keep the one-person aspect, why not call it Yue Fei’s Army? At least it would be more appropriate to the timeline, and Yue Fei is quite renown in China.

Realistically, this is a missed opportunity. The period of the Song dynasty also featured the Liao (Khitan), Jin (Jurchens), and Xi Xia (Tangut). Each of them was a formidable Chinese dynasty (even if the ruling class were not ethnically Han). The inclusion of any of them as a Chinese variant civ could be better justified over Zhu Xi’s Legacy.

It is because of the influence that Zhu Xi had during the Song and Ming periods and on China’s world view…

Zhu was influential in the development of Neo-Confucianism. He contributed greatly to Chinese philosophy and fundamentally reshaped the Chinese worldview. His works include his editing of and commentaries to the Four Books (which later formed the curriculum of the civil service exam in Imperial China from 1313 to 1905), his writings on the process of the “investigation of things” (Chinese: 格物; pinyin: géwù ), and his development of meditation as a method for self-cultivation.

We would still have those 2 games left xd…plus AoM Retold and AoEO xd…

But Japan will be meta

Don’t trust wikipedia im chinese we learn a lot of ancient literature and philosophy and history during school years I also studied those on myself. No Zhuxi is not influential at all. His contribution is very limited in the following centuries. And has no impact on present day Chinese thinking or anything…literally. he is well-known, that’s true, but his impact on chinese history is pretty minimal.

Let’s consider that this variant civ was originally going to be called Empire of Jade. Is there any relationship between this name and the Chinese Phoenix that they will use as a flag or with Zhu Xi?

I have a theory that zhu xi legacy was originally a new mechanic of this civ and It will no longer revolve around dynasties, but rather some new counter based on neo-confucianism or something similar.

When they asked them to change the name they used the name of the mechanic… and well here we are or that’s what I assume.

Likewise, once the promotional teaser is released, if the mechanics or something is still offensive, I suppose it is normal that it receives criticism or at least suggestions for a more appropriate name change. Anyways, we only have to wait.







This is just sad at this point… feels there’s barely any real effort being made to address the community’s problem with these names. Like their attempt to fix “Empire of Jade” missed the mark so badly I can’t even understand how they could have READ any of the things people were saying about the names. Since then we’ve heard nothing. Not even a “we’re working on this”. This is such an easy scenario for the devs to navigate here and the hugely positive response to Ayyubids proves it… Literally all they have to do is name the variants after actual significant political entities from history of which there are a huge number of good suggestions on the forums. I cannot believe they’re actually going to #### #### up.

I’m still holding out some hope that there are some meetings and some discussions being had and we still have good news down the line. I really don’t want to jump into ranked and play against a “civilization” called Zhu Xi’s Legacy.

Jeanne D’Arc => House of Valois
Order of the Dragon => House of Luxembourg
Zhu Xi’s Legacy => Southern Song/Jin/Liao/etc (depending on what would best fit the assets/mechanics they’ve created for it)

It would be SO easy.


Yeah, the whole thing is dumb. We only have 10 civs currently in the game, why are we already doing repeats/subcatagories of existing civs where there are so many parts of the world that have no representation?