Zhu xi legacy

Zhu Xi legacy… …legacy my ass. Zhu xi is not even a significant character in Chinese history during that period. He was more known as a writer, a calligrapher…than a politician… all he did was writing poems. How does he represent a historical period of China? I don’t understand anything of this move by aoe4 developers. I was prompted to buy the DLC after seeing the Japan and Byzantine civs before knowing there are variant civs. As a Chinese person I can’t get over that a Chinese civ is named like that. So I decided not to buy it. Well done devs.


The civ is going to be more of a what-if type of civ. As in it’s going to be basically like a neo-confucist china civ, and probably have bonuses based off his philosophies.


Perhaps he will act like an imperial officer

The game is called Age of Empires, not Age of What-if.


Isn’t it a bit drastic? You would miss out on some good content like the 2 new full civilizations and the new campaign. You can ignore the Chinese variant if don’t like it.

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Yep but the fat’s in the fire now…

You will not be able to ignore what will confront you in the rating game. Or should I leave the game every time when I get an opponent Zhu Xi?


From the AOE4 webpage describing the new variant civs:

"These elements can be a single individual (like Jeanne d’Arc), a philosophy (like the neo-Confucianism of Zhu Xi), or a particular historical group within the broader culture (like the Order of the Dragon).

Although these seeds are often small moments, we explore the ‘what if’ of keeping that focus throughout the journey through the four Ages"

So the civ is going to basically be a what-if China followed neo-Confucianism throught the AOE4 timespan.

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Yes, this is a problem. Therefore, all variant civs are one big problem. They all feel like a piece of… what-if.
It should not be in the game in this form. The Ayyubids managed to correct and make a good civ out of them. And the other civs should also change. That’s what we’re fighting for.


You can choose to not buy it but that only determines what you will be able to play, not others you go up against. Even without owning the expansion you will find opponents using the new civilizations or variants, that includes Zhu Xi’s Legacy.

I think we only made the Devs change their name…

I think they should remove all horses from the game. The game is called Age of Empires, not Age of Horses, common!


No. They will be in the rating game for everyone. But you can play for them only by buying dlc. This has always been the case in the Age of Empires.

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Yes! That’s what I’m saying. :smile:

And you still suggest not buying dlc to get rid of bad civs?

No, I suggest buying the DLC to play the other good civs and variants. By ignoring I meant that you don’t have to play the Zhu Xi’s Legacy variant if you don’t want to.

But I will have to play against it anyway.

Yes and there’s nothing you can do about it.

The Sultan’s army has already been fixed.

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Changing a name is one thing, deleting a variant is another. That’s not going to happen. So we’re still getting a variant based off Zhu Xi’s ideas, a what-if scenario.