Zhu Xi Monk Relic Bug

There seems to be a bug where the monk in Zhu Xi is unable to interact with relics. In the screenshot for example, I am unable to put my relic in my pagoda.

Beasty also encountered this bug here:

How should I workaround this bug? And is there any way to avoid it? I tried pressing every action possible including ‘S’, ‘X’, or attacking an enemy building but am unable to fix it.


Shaolin monks sometimes can’t pick relics, I had that bug and had to sent a new monk to pick it. The other monks that were bugged couldn’t pick any other relic.

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Thanks for the response. In my experience the monks are unable to interact with relics at all when the issue occurs. I have encountered both monks being unable to pick up relics and monks being unable to place the relic anywhere.

For example, here is a video where beasty has to delete his (bugged) monk holding the relic and get another one to place the relic into the pagoda:

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If it helps at all, I also have a savegame where the issue occurs and the screenshot in my first post was taken.

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I am having this bug too. Worst bug I have ever encountered in terms of it affecting my gameplay, and I have been playing AoE4 since release. I thought for sure with such a game-breaking bug that it would be fixed in patch 9.1.370 as #1 priority. I was amazed that it wasn’t mentioned. I had a game today on the new patch and can confirm it’s still an issue.
I had this one relic I couldn’t garrison inside the Shaolin Monastery. I wasted a lot of time in-game wondering what I am going to do as it slows down my whole army when I summon all idle military as the monk counts as military and is holding a relic, which slows everything down, without lots of extra micro.
I decided to move the bugged Shaolin Monk to one of the sacred sites near my team mate’s base so I could capture the site, and also so the monk could hopefully die and drop the relic so my teammate could then pick it up - making the best of a terrible situation. He said that even though the relic dropped to the ground - he wasn’t able to pick it up (playing as Japanese).
Please fix this as I cannot trust the Shaolin Monastery and can’t build it in competitive gameplay because of this issue.

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The issue seems to happen whenever the monk has been in combat previously. I have not seen this issue yet since the new patch but have not been playing as much. Will post once I have observed this issue again.

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Is this fixed already?

I had a similar problem. After destroying the enemy’s monastery with 3 relics inside, I couldn’t pick up the relics with the Shaolin monks. I was able to collect them with normal monks.