Zhu Xi Zhuge crossbow attack speed bug(朱熹诸葛弩攻速bug)

Repeatedly summoning and surrendering Zhuge crossbows will increase the attack speed.

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What do you mean by “summoning and surrendering”?

They done that by converting unit back and forth and Joanna empowerment just stack on top

Its related to Jeanne “Strength of Heaven” ultimate stacking on unit when unit is converted

I see, thank you. At least it seems like you can’t really exploit it in a real game.

This is the test content for me and my friend. I am the “黷戀” inside, and you will clearly find that Zhuge crossbow increases attack speed every time you surrender.

In theory, a maximum of 2 layers of Heavenly Power must be stacked, and both sides must have Joan of Arc, with one side summoning a Heavenly Power soldier to the other side’s Joan of Arc.

The issue of automatic translation can be understood as monks changing unit camps with holy objects.