vet wanting to come back, have some questions

So my aka was Metroidz/Tamp0n among a million others (when had no limits to how many names you could claim. I was heavy into the Choson war and DM scene and played for over a decade with some of the best players. As for this game, I played the beta and the game shortly after it was released but it was absolutely awful. Units colliding, pathfinding and extremely wonky villagers (Automatically going to harvest resources after building TC, villagers stopped working all together/standing around farms and other resources. I was disgusted with the current state of the game and requested a refund, which was granted. Is the game worth buying again? Are any of these issues fixed? It only seemed to happen once the players started massing units / commands that everything fell apart. I just want to know if I’m able to play a solid fun 3v3 DM / Choson war and if there is even a community for it. Thank you!


All the things that made the game uncomfortable are still present.

Tbh farming and collision have a bit improved (but well, still as bad as the original, and as before can get very awfull with alot of population on the map)

Community is quite small and while there’s game everyday it’s not much different than what you can get with GR/Voobly with the original (a shame)

RM games are more present than DM (like it always have been tbh) and it seems Chowar have defenitelly disapeared.

Also now comes with a chat bug (due to Windows ? since the last update) you are not enable to speak in game, without any update (nor any statement) to fix it.

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basically if u didnt like the game before (its totally understandable) you still wont like it as there has been zero updates

That’s about it. A shame.

What an absolute disrespect to the fans. It’s pretty obvious this is a typical cash grab that they made a few million off. I played this game religiously during my teen years and into my 20’s then scraping by on Gamespy then gameranger and voobly. I am glad I got the refund when I did… what a world we live in when AAA companies release cash grab garbage titles and indi companies are all early access. We need one game to rule us all, and in the darkness, bind us.