Zoom fix?

  1. I have noticed something off about the zoom when you go from zoomed out to fully zoomed in, after a second or so: There is a tiny nudge in all objects sitting on top of the terrain. Haven’t tried UHD graphics, so not sure if that makes a difference. Anyone else experience this? Can it be fixed?

  2. For us who prefer the behaviour of previous releases, and sometimes accidentally zoom out, can we get a graphics option to disable the zoom completely?

Clear zooming hotkeys (found under game commands section).

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An option to disable the zoom completely could still be interesting for low-performance computers, so that the game only loads the images of one size.

Similarly, an option to deactivate the building collapsing could maybe also improve the performance on low-performance computers by not loading all the frames related to the building destruction.

Yet, these are only speculations, I do not know how this would affect performance without testing it.