Zoom is too close

Can we ever get to be able to zoom out more in this game? Too much time is wasted just moving around the map. “Very Far” setting isn’t… I get it that the devs are proud of the graphics, and they are cool, but in reality we need speed to play this game and zoom out more. Who EVER plays with anything than the max zoom out level (such as it is…)?


I know in Age of Empires 2 “Capture Age” allows you to do so, but I don’t know how fair “it is” if it was a thing in Age of Empires 3 as well.

I remember The Viper (pro player on Age of Empires 2) saying, related also to “higher speed game”, there is already so much things to do, that you should not wish to have “higher speed” or even more “zoomed out” view.

When you zoomed out, don’t forget you can missclick more easily, when micro and macro are a thing in all Age of Empires, and that can actually cost you the game. You actually get more informations, but in the end, you can’t use properly this information even by zooming back in (you lose too much time).

That being said, it all depends what the dev want to do, maybe it could be still a thing :).

Now to advise you on :

I think at this point you should start to increase your camera movement speed (and disable that camera acceleration). I think it’s just you’re getting better but you didn’t realize that, and maybe your camera speed hasn’t been increased yet :smiley:

Don’t forget that on legacy the zoom was like 2x closer than this one. It’s a real revolution for the old players. And I think it’s perfect as it is now. Maybe we could outzoom more idk, but that’s not needed.

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It would be nice to allow people the option to adjust the zoom level to anything they wanted, without an arbitrary cap. That is actually my number two complaint about this otherwise stellar game (number one being the new civs Japan/Sweden/USA being obviously unbalanced/OP), being unable to zoom out enough. If I have a high resolution, huge screen, why shouldn’t I be able to take advantage of it? Projectors aren’t that expensive nowdays, almost anyone can afford a big screen if they want one.The original AOE actually had the ability engine wise but it was actively blocked by the developers for ‘fairness’ reasons, although if everyone can adjust the zoom level to whatever they want I don’t see how it could be unfair. Unfair implies some people being able to adjust it versus others being unable.

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I don’t know what AoE3:DE’s zoom level is at the moment, but if it doesn’t at least go as far out as AoE2:DE, then I hear you. I have little desire to ever play AoE3 again, sorry to say, and zoom level is large reason why… (sounds being another biggie :slight_smile: )… as it was always pretty frustrating to play when it feels like your eyes are like 2" from the screen :stuck_out_tongue:

AoE3’s zoom woes may be due its small maps. The farther you can zoom out, the more of the small maps you’re seeing at once. Devs may have a concern with this from a game tactics standpoint?

I wish AoE2:DE could even go out a click or two more.

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