Zoom Settings?

Hello all,

I am running AOE II DE with the enhanced graphics pack on a 4K Display. My only complaint so far is that I cannot seem to zoom in very far. “Default Zoom” appears to have no impact on anything as far as I can tell. Is there a way to adjust the zoom range? Below is the maximum amount I can zoom in with 3840x2160 resolution.

Use your scrollwheel or Ctrl +.

That’s the furthest I can zoom in via scroll. Ctrl +/- has no effect, although I could attempt to re-bind I doubt that would change it. Is this an effect of the enhanced graphics mod perhaps or simply running at 4K resolution?

Here is fully zoomed out for reference:

How is your zoom range with/without enhanced graphics for comparison?
Enhanced graphics moves zoom range closer to ground, so you can zoom in more and out less. Zoom range is exactly the same at 4K resolution with enhanced graphics vs 1080p without enhanced graphics.

Your zoom range indicates like you are on 4K without enhanced graphics. Do you have “Enhanced Graphics (UHD)” enabled under graphics options? If this does not work, then try to decrease value of “Resolution” option.

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That worked! I didn’t think to look to enable it after install. Thank you!