Zuge nu able to cross wall (video footage)

Guessing it’s an issue with the wall joining the would line, however should not be possible.

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Hey @LINGLING2688. I’m curious if you got the chain link icon when building the end section of wall, or was the end wall piece only built into the side of that hill?

Hey there, It’s clearly connected if you look at the wall piece, and I asked my friend who built the wall and mentioned he walled it up properly, I assume he did link it.

It definitely looks visually connected. I was just hoping the exact nature of this bug was a touch more obvious. We’ll look into it—thanks!

@LINGLING2688 any chance there’s a map seed available for this one?

Yeah that’s why I thought it might be the hight difference of the connection and the hill + entity cramming each other? Looking for the seed… (might be too far down xD)


I may have found the game but where can I get the seed :S