1 year of DE: What would you like to see changed/fixed?

TBH, I’ve always thought the Napoleonic Era is a great mod that can be directly ported into DE (as how Forgotten Empires is done for AOE2). Cheers to @tilanus .

  • It does not require a lot of additional work.
  • Many of the designs are already well-established and also unique enough.
  • It adds some additional techs and options that make old civs more interesting especially in the late game.
  • Some contents have been requested by many for quite a long time.

If there is a mod that is going to become official I’d propose this. This is basically the FE of AOE3.
Maybe a little tweaking are required like mitigating the problem of Germans/Austrians/Prussians appearing at the same time, Germans & French being changed a little too drastically, and units like the hand cannoneer with unclear roles. But all the rest make a great DLC.

I hope this is on the list for the next year. As supportive of US/Mexico as I am, I’d be really bored if we got yet another overly-stuffed north American civ.


I will be uninstalling the game until it gets sorted.


A browser to search players as legacy had, not just recent players.

See conection status of friends list.

See the message that someone has rejected an invitation without having to leave the friend list.

Split treaty and sup ranks for lobbies.

Rules written insode the lobby, a lot of people leave the match after start.

No more skirmishers-focus civs.

Go back to plantation, we have 2 haciendas in spanish versions right now, also change our name for haudenosaunee stable, we have 2 corrales (livestock pen)

Go back with JPK’s reduced stats and cost, leaving them joined to a card.

converted units by warchiefs move to the enemy position after killing them

Add a Sweden consulate.

Upgraded scenario editor, adding the option to allow players to use their own decks.


For me it would be awesome if they would correct some errors of Portugal. Of course the other old civs too.
By the way Spanish homecity and Portuguese homecity have the same Cathedral. Dont know how I could mark my other posts on other topics here.

To be honest I dont think Portugal gets some changes like , organ gun out( make it to a merc) unique ship, or atleast buff for ships, Portuguese special tech that is spanish( Encomienda Manor) and take the Cartaz system that fits the era of the game, give the old tech to the spanish. Few grammar fix like Jinete ( Dragão) Caçador.

Turn the civ bonus with the free towncenter into a feitoria (maybe like a Towncenter that has a bit more HP a little stronger attack like 5% and with the functions of a market) just a Idea sorry.

I still have hope :).

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Of the whole series, this is the game with less campaigns (by now it’s IV, but I’d exclude it, because we still don’t know how many other ones are ready to be released).

Saying “The original campaign tells about the fight between the Black family and the Circle of Ossus” is not true because the Warchiefs campaign does not mention it.

Saying “The original and The Warchiefs campaign tells about Black family” is not true because The Asian Dynasties does not mention it.

Saying “But there are the Historical Battles” is partially true, but there are much more in II… it outnumbers the ones in III.

So: Add. More. Campaigns.


I share my plenty of ideas about the European and American native civs.

New things, new changes, new cards.

I wanna do more specific adjust to the Portuguese for more accuracy but I don’t know too much about their good sources.

I have also redesigned and researched Asian civs in order to improve their political and cultural inaccuracy, while at the same time minimizing interference with existing mechanics and playing strategies. Expected to be shared in this forum in a few days.


They really have to step up the single-player experience too.


auto balanced of hosted games, based on ranked 1vs1 ranking
hotkeys to find buildings under construction
a bigger minimap without lose of view of sources
reconection of a crashed player, just by pausing the match, and not to rehost it because nobody wants to wait.
deers cannot be seen killed under fog
exp per second on trade post
fattening rate on livestock
urban center get something visual when it has 135 atack or increased atacked by villagers and not only on UI
save a game versus IA and let other player use the enemy civilization
mouse polling rate of 8000 hz supported
a useful tremple mode
graphics and statistics showing damage done, healing done, autohealing done, taken damage, damage to buildings done, damage to units done, time having inactive idles (2 vills inactive are 2 seconds inactive on 1 second)
a faster IU box when hovering mouse
time left to create unit (a timer)
when click on units the waypoints are shown on minimap
better info on cards instead of “faster” use “10% faster”
all regions by default on lobby
to know on units of the enemy IU how fast a charged attack will be available soon, so we know if it has paid upgrade for shorten cooldown to use charrged atacked
on minimap, instead of only color boxes representing units, could be a horse or a heavy infantery icon when 8 units or more are together
to be able to cancel all troops that are creating on a barrack just by pressing a hotkey like on the legacy hotkey mode
a different sound from the repairing building when the building cannot be repaired because we dont have wood. Its the same sound when clicking on repairing building button either if it could repair it or it couldnt pay the repairing
when selecting all barracks, iu shows that some barracks are under construction when they are
hotkey for finding spies
on savegames replays: see iu buttons to know if the hero has ability or not etc, to see the market to see if he has developed a tech etc.
vision ranged displayed on iu
hotkey to find idle stable, idle barrack
another cooperative campaign of 30 misions for 40 dollars.

my friends says:
austria creating mercenaries on barracks
balance japan, france, india

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Medicine Men and Women weren’t always healers, so the name that way isn’t really the best option. Bands had their set Medicine Man or Woman and their set Healers, and the two didn’t always overlap. Or much at all, honestly.

The names were changed to be more accurate. The new voice lines are the actual languages of the two groups. The old voice lines were inaccurate to a large or massive degree. Mining wasn’t done by either, it should have been that way from the start for the same reason India can’t slaughter livestock or Japan can’t hunt. Firepits were stupid stereotypes.

Personally, I want to see a full rehaul of the original Warchief civs - All three are terribly done and need much more than minor tweaking to be updated. They need to be remade and rebalanced without the Community Plaza and give a new baseline that doesn’t depict them as magical elves.

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So just like priests versus surgeons? The actual duties of Priests and Imams are also religious and community oriented yet they don’t get a stupid “healer” label.


To be honest, he minor tweaking is reasonable.
Even I redesign the aging mechanic, monastery and explorer of the Asian civs for more accuracy, I still have to make the substitutes have the similar abilities or able to be used in the relevant strategy.

If they completely change the basic game mechanics and the expected positions of civs, that will be a huge job, costing a lots and the community may not accept the result since people like to play them due to their mechanics rather than the cultural accuracy.

I think the Warchief civs were done relatively well compared to the asian civs. In fact I’d say that asian civs are more like the magical faires with the wonders, and with their gaps in their unit lineups that consulate units are supposed to fill in for but since the export system sucks they are overcompensating on OP units and mechanics like super musketeers and age 1/2 factories.


The Natives are created with almost no historical basis for anything they have. At least the Asian civs were based on something related to the nation’s history - Sepoys were a thing, Ashigaru were a thing, Samurai were a thing…

But what do the Lakota and Hauds get? Magical ceremonies that somehow make them do more damage and generic-■■■ names like “Club Warrior” that are completely unrelated to the history of the people.

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Yeah I think the problem with the Asian civs is that they are based on some stereotypical view of these nations. Much like how you say they made the native civs around some notion of mystical dancing mechanic. I agree that some of the things are alright.

I am Indian, and in my part of India, we eat all livestock. Monks are not trained in fighting, they are mostly teachers and take care of religious matters. And sepoys were a soldier under the East India Company which is technically not an Indian unit but merely an Indian man employed by a British trade company. Gurkha and Rajput are names of communities, not soldiers. Akbar, the AI personality of India, was Muslim and yet he keeps talking about Gods (with a plural), as if he’s Hindu.

Most of these Indian inaccuracies can be removed just by a simple renaming or a reskin. They can, for instance, just have two elephant mounted Indian explorers who aren’t religious figures. They can just rename the Gurkha a “Gurkha rifleman”, and the Rajput a “Rajput Pata warrior” etc.

If I’m not mistaken the Chinese combat monk is an equally hilarious stereotype. But I’m not an expert on that. As for the Japanese, Samurai I think is a very broad term for a lot of things. Even the Naginata rider and Yumi archer are technically samurai, no?


while i agree with pretty much everything else you’ve said, I mean this really is true of every civ. pretty much every unit is just named after its weapon with the exception of a few specific unique units. Chu ko nu (weapon), Musketeer, pikeman, Chakram, iron flail. Sometimes its “weapon - verb” usually like “Naginata Rider” or “place - weapon” like qiang pikeman and pretty much every dlc unit.

The specific names are actually quite few, and mostly for European units simply because, well, they have english or transliterated words to describe them specifically and really detailed records of their use on the battlefield. Things like Fussiliers, Redcoats, Janissaries. I’m not sure if there’s equivalent names for the native civs so much. I’d love to be corrected on that, but i feel like naming the unit after the weapon is just how nearly every unit is.

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I am redesigning the three Asian civs for removing the stereotypical view like the monk explorers, the wonders build at the new world and other unreasonable settings.

May the Zamindar suitable to be as the Indian explorer? Mounting an elephant, using a rifle, a bit stronger than other explorers but moving slower. Starting the game with 1 Zamindar.
As long as setting the feudal lord as the hero, It will make sense to build TCs and gain some special abilities like Sharpshooter Attack or Imperial Service.

As far as I study, the terms “Shamsherbaz” and “Banduqchis” are good to be the names of the soldiers.

May I consult with you that if there is an equivalent building to the capitol for every civ, what name is suitable to be the Indian one? I hope the Asian civs’ equivalent could be something like a local government office or a feudal lord palace. For example, the Japanese one may be named “Bugyō Office (奉行所)”, and the Chinese one may be named " Yamen (衙門)".

A capitol type building could be the Imperial Court or the “Diwan-e-aam”, as it was during Mughal times. This was where the people would meet with the emperor and he looked at matters of the empire. The “Diwan-e-khaas” was for meetings with the emperors ministers and the public wasn’t allowed here.

Banduqchi literally means rifleman. I don’t know if it’s necessary to have an Urdu word in there. It might make things complicated. Gurkha rifleman works well in my opinion, as opposed to Gurkha banduqchi.

“Zamindar” literally means Land owner. Zamindar is another named for landlord. I don’t think it works well for a scout unit. Coincidentally, the word “Sowar” means rider (also “he who travels”) and will work well for a scout unit, such as an explorer.

I strongly feel that India should have a horse unit since the Mughal army used a lot of horses. A horse unit to replace the sowar in the stable would be nice.


I knew them at this side. The terms are just used smoothly so don’t worry about Urdu word or English word.

In my version:

Sepoys would be adjusted to be delayed to the Fortress Age, to represent that they were used later when British came.
Banduqchis would be the cheap skirmishers replacing the current Gurkhas, similar to Strelets and available in the Commerce Age.
Shamsherbaz would be just the units renamed from the current Rajputs.
Honestly I don’t like the regular units get a clear relation to the ethnic groups on the name directly. So I rename Marathan Catamaran “Bandit Catamaran” too.

On the other hand, Gurkha Riflemen, Rajput Cavalries and Marathan Light infantries would be new mercenary units for the Indians and other civs, to present the distinctiveness and the identity of the history of their groups.

The stable buildings would be renamed “Stable” clearly.
Sowars would use the new module, riding horses rather than camels.
Mughal Archers would be the new cavalry archer units, available in the Commerce Age, weaker than regular Cavalry Archers but able to fire multiple arrows at once.
Camel Riders would be the new heavy cavalry units, available in the Fortress Age, using the module of the original Sowars, having attack bonus against cavalry.
Zamburak would be adjusted to be available in the Fortress Age.

Dhows and Gurabs would be the new units to replace the European style Caravels and Galleons.

Since the wonder mechanic would be replaced, the abilities of wonders like Inspiration, Cease Fire and Imperial Service need new place to depend. I think it is reasonable to give a lord hero these abilities, similar to the Chiefs. Due to the abilities, the lord would be expected to become the center of the Indian army as the game goes by. So I actually hoped you Indian friend can like and support this idea. It is a shame that the Zamindar or Mansabdar cannot be used to a hero here.

If the sowar becomes the explorer, we have to find an another name to rename the cavalry. Also, it may not mount an elephant.

Edited: Imperial Court is already used at the Home City. I google the term “Diwan-e-aam”, seems it also can be called “Hall of Audience”. Is it accurate?


Fusilier is still just named after their weapon.