Some "new" cards for ancient civilizations

But in this case it would be taverns.

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Gracias por responder, propongo dos opciones que creo justas. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Taberna avanzada: Edad 1
Aumenta el limite de tabernas en 2 y reduce el coste de 200 de madera a 100

Taberna avanzada: Edad 2 o 3
Aumenta el limite de tabernas en 2 y da 20 de población.

¿Agregarías o quitarías algo?

Way too strong. That should be dropped to 2 prospector wagons at most.

The Portuguese church tech that gives crossbowmen a pseudo “guard” upgrade is no longer needed as the true guard upgrade is there. This card can be reworked to deliver some cannoneers, etc.


In the description it says that they are exclusive to Huasa and Ethiopia, but couldn’t they be enabled only as shipments for other civilizations?

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For the regular sets, European cards and US cards.

New Changes

  • Warrior
    6 warriors can be levied at TC multiple times, similar to militiamen levy.
    The effect of Alarm Ceremony is changed into strengthening their attack and shortening the cooldown.

  • Capitol
    All civilizations have an equivalent building to the capitol. Immigrants, Strangers’ Quarters, Blockade, Spies, Legendary Native Warriors and Exalted Natives have to be researched at there.
    The capital will start to generate 3 EXP per second.
    European civs having a capitol can research Levy and Conscription multiple times.
    Asian civs having a capitol can research Sentry Uprising/Revolt and Town/City Defense multiple times.
    American civs having a capitol can strengthen warriors and spawn additional warriors.
    African civs having a capitol can reduce the cost of levied spearmen/bowmen/gunners.

  • Consulate
    Cannot receive the ally’s associated bonus when the consulate is lost, until it is rebuild.

  • Fish Trap
    Cost 200 wood and able to be build by fishing boats.
    Up to 4 fishing boats can work on it at a time. Cannot be used by military ships.

  • Natives, Outlaws and Mercenaries
    Their basic trained time -40%.
    The native TPs can automatically slowly train a small squad (25% of the limit) of their warriors at no cost. (Still allow the regular way to train.)
    Some related mercenaries can be trained at taverns and saloons after researching church card techs.

  • Envoy
    Become a unbeatable hero, up to 1, having the short LoS.
    Similar to a hot air balloon, it cannot attack, accept damage and construct, able to move and scout only.

  • Bandit Catamaran
    Renames the Marathan catamaran “bandit catamaran”. Remove the association with the Marathas.
    Sets them as same position and quality as canoes, so they are not able to train units anymore.

New Units

  • Composite Bow Archer
    Archaic Ottoman archer unit, available at barracks in the Commerce Age, costing only 65 wood, firing quickly but having the shorter range than regular crossbowman.

  • Chassuer
    French and Russian guard-level light cavalry unit, available at stables in the Industrial Age, similar to a skirmisher on horseback, moving fast, good against infantry and cavalry but very expensive, low HP and weak against the artillery.

  • Green Jacket
    British guard-level skirmisher unit, available at barracks after shipping a particular card in the Industrial Age only , similar to a longbowman with rifles, having longer range and slower rate of fire, also benefited by the Yeomen.

New Cards

Remove Irregulars and British Immigrants from Ottoman and US deck.

Exploration Age:

  • Monroe Doctrine (US)(Team)
    Revolution and revolutionary cards cost 50% off. Multiple revolution players are allowable.

  • Portuguese Immigrants (US)(300 wood)
    Ships 4 fishing boats, making fishing boats cheaper by 20% and trained faster by 40%.

  • Scottish Immigrants (US)(150 coin)
    Ships 1 homestead wagon, making the estates constructable in any age and the settlers gathering coin from the estates 10% faster.

  • Colonial Colleges (British, US)
    Ships 200 EXP of book collections for every 3 existing settlers.

  • Free Burghers (Dutch)
    Make the settlers cheaper by 30%.

  • King’s Daughters (French)
    Ships 1 female settler for every 3 minutes of the game time (up to 30 minutes).
    Turns all Coureurs des Bois into male settlers. Settlers can be trained at TC.
    The construction limit of settlers is 90 and the construction limit of Coureurs des Bois becomes 20.

  • Corrida de toros (Spanish)
    Ships 2 settlers and 2 cows.

  • Zihgir (Ottomans)
    All archer units cost cheaper by 5 wood and fire faster by 10%.

Commerce Age:

  • Exiled Criminal (Europeans)(250 coin)
    Ships a small squad of the local outlaws and 1 Tavern wagon.

  • Zollverein (Germans)
    Ships 1 Market wagon. EXP can be bought and sale at Market.

  • Cossack Fortress (Russians)
    Cossacks can be trained at Blockhouse. Each Blockhouse will spawn 1 Cossack once.

  • Patronato System (Spanish), Padroado System (Portuguese)
    Ships 1 Church wagon. The EXP trickle of Church +150%. The techs of Church cost -50%.

  • Flight Archery (Ottomans)
    Cavalry archers +3 range and Composite bow archers +4 range.

Fortress Age:

  • Letter of Marque (All)
    Privateers can be trained at dock, up to 4.

  • Guerrilla (All)(500 food)
    Explorers and Generals +100% HP, gaining the mounting mode and able to receive the shipments.

  • English Immigrants (US)(200 food)
    Every existing house spawn 1 settler once.

  • Kutuzov Reform (Russians)(500 coin)
    Ships 5 Chassuers. Chassuers can be trained in the Fortress Age.

  • Governor of Macau (Portuguese)(500 coin)
    Ships 9 Cannoneers. Cannoneers can be trained at taverns and explorers.

  • Line Infantry (Swedes)(500 coin)
    Turns all existing crossbowmen into skirmishers. The skirmishers can be automatically upgraded at every age up.

  • Wheellock (Swedes)(500 coin)
    The light cavalry get +0.5x multiplier against cavalry. The dragoons can be automatically upgraded at every age up.

  • Timariots (Ottomans) (500 coin)
    Spahis use -1 pop. Every shipments of Spahi cards will add 1 Spahi more.

Industrial Age:

  • Nationalism (Europeans)
    Revolution will cost no gold. Receives 1500 EXP immediately after completing the revolution.

  • Baker Rifle (British)(2000 coin)
    Turns all existing longbowmen into Green Jackets.
    Green Jackets can be trained at forts and barracks. Longbowmen cannot be trained anymore.

  • Royal Netherlands East Indies Army “KNIL” (Dutch)(2000 coin)
    Ships 15 Highlanders. Make training mercenaries cheaper by 10%.
    Swiss Pikemen, Highlanders, Black Riders and Jaegers can be trained at taverns and forts.

  • French Foreign Legion (French)(2000 coin)
    Ships 15 Fusiliers. Make training mercenaries cheaper by 10%.
    Swiss Pikemen, Fusiliers, Zouaves and Napoleon Guns can be trained at taverns and forts.

  • Hohenfriedberg Marsch (Germans)(2000 coin)
    Ships 12 dragoons and 8 grenadiers. Dragoons can be trained at stables and forts.
    Grenadiers can be trained at artillery foundries and forts, upgraded veteran free and +10% moving speed.


Continued. For the American natives mainly.
I don’t know if the dev will check these but I wanna share my ideas.

American Native Capitol

Basing on the New Changes above, all civilizations have an equivalent building to the capitol.
Immigrants, Blockade, Spies and Legendary Native Warriors have to be researched at there.
The 6 warriors can be levied at TC multiple times, similar to militiamen levy. American civs having this capitol can strengthen warriors and spawn additional warriors. (The effect of Alarm Ceremony is changed into strengthening their attack and shortening the cooldown.)

Their name:

  • Longhouse of the Grand Council (Haudenosaunee)
  • Silent Eater’s Teepee (Lakota)
  • Teocalli (Aztecs)
  • Acllahuasi (Incas)

Same as the European capitol, these non-European capitol will start to generate 3 EXP per second too. Besides that, they can be build in the Industrial Age, up to 1, having 3 new techs researchable in the Industrial Age.

  • Defensive Warfare (common big button)
    The American native capitol get more HP, able to attack and receive shipments.
    Makes the rate of fire of all the buildings which can attack faster by 20%.

  • Renegade European Legion (Haudenosaunee)
    Ships 5 Halberdiers, 2 Cuirassiers and 1 Captured Mortar.
    All renegade cards become free and available multiple times.

  • Cover Shooting (Haudenosaunee)(No cost)
    Mantlets and Huron Mantlets cost more wood, but move faster and have more attack bonus against the archer and rifle infantry.

  • Ghost Dance (Lakota)
    Villagers and Healers get the passive ability to reduce the HP of enemy units nearby by 10%. (No stack.)

  • Hesapa Gold Rush (Lakota)(No cost)
    Outlaws cost cheaper and use fewer population, but Villagers and buildings -33% HP.

  • Aztec Calendar (Aztecs)(No cost)
    Ceremonies get more efficiency by 15% at Community Plaza, but Villagers’ gathering speed -5%.

  • Triple Alliance (Aztecs)
    Ships 2 Aztec War Chiefs, but reduces their ability of the EXP bounty from +100% to +50%. (Able to stack.)

  • Inca Road System (Incas)(No cost)
    Adds one shipment, and make the EXP requirement of the shipment of all players -20%.

  • Tawantinsuyu (Incas)(Team)
    Makes all the native warriors cards, mercenary cards, tribe support cards and ban armies cards from Home City able to be send once again before the Imperial Age.

New Cards for American natives

Exploration Age:

  • Advanced Community Plaza (All)
    Reduces max gatherers to 15, but each gatherer +66.67% efficiency.
    The gatherers working on Community Plaza are unattackable until Community Plaza is destroyed.

  • Wampum (Haudenosaunee)
    Crates contain +50% resources.
    It represents the trade tradition of present-giving which reflected the reciprocity in their society.

  • Thunder Dreamer (Lakota)
    Lakota War Chief generates EXP trickle and gain the ranged attack mode with a bow.

  • Tokoyrikoq (Incas)
    Ships 1 Chasqui. Chasquis can use the stealth mode.
    They cannot receive shipments under the stealth mode.

  • Bursera Graveolens (Incas)
    Kancha Houses also start to generate wood by 0.35 per second and slowly heal nearby friendly units.

Commerce Age:

  • New Tribe (Haudenosaunee, Lakota, Aztecs)
    Ships 1 Covered Wagon. TC build limit +1.
    Able to build the 2nd TC before the Fortress Age.

  • Inca Centrally Planned Economy (Incas)
    Similar to Hamiltonian Economics of US, Hunting Dogs, Lumber Ceremony, Placer Mines, Spirit Medicine, Forest Spirit Ceremony, and Deforestation are free.

  • Covenant Chain (Haudenosaunee)
    Ships 1 Church wagon. Every existing and future TC, War Hut, and Church will spawn 2 British Redcoats once.
    If Renegade European Legion is researched, this card will become to 9 British Redcoats and available multiple times, after it was send once.

Fortress Age:

  • Legendary War Chief (All)(300 food)
    War Chiefs can receive shipments, regenerate faster by +100%, construct faster by +100%, and the radius of passive abilities +25%.
    Lakota War Chief’s ranged attack mode will change to shooting with a rifle if the card Thunder Dreamer was send.

  • Huey Teocalli (Aztec)
    Teocalli build limit +1. Teocalli can be build in the Fortress Age.
    Aztec Calendar and Triple Alliance are researchable in the Fortress Age too.

Industrial Age:

  • Eagle Feathers (Lakota)
    Gives Lakota War Chief and Tokala Soldiers a 15% chance to evade enemy attacks.
    The efficiency of Tokala Ceremony +25%.
    Lakota War Chief’s ranged attack mode will change to shooting with a rifle if the card Thunder Dreamer was send.

  • Center of Power (Lakota)
    This is an existing card.
    In addition to the original effect, now Lakota War Chief can also quickly train Tashunke Prowlers.

  • La Noche Triste (Aztecs)
    Aztec War Chiefs, Jaguar Prowl Knights, Eagle Runner Knights and Skull Knights have greatly increased their damage to artillery and cavalry.

I try my best to find relevant information and avoid stereotypes.
If there is any better name to reflect the relevant effect, comments are welcome.

I have also redesigned and researched Asian civs in order to improve their political and cultural inaccuracy, while at the same time minimizing interference with existing mechanics and playing strategies. Expected to be shared in this forum in a few days. See ya.


I’m going to give feedback on the Lakota specifically involving this.

“Council Teepee” or “Silent Eater’s Teepee” would be the best choice. Chiefs weren’t important enough to have their own special teepee. Councils lead the tribes, literally the sole purpose of a Chief was to get all the Council members into one teepee and keep them on track when they started talking so they wouldn’t sit around gossiping like the bunch of Elders they were.
The Silent Eaters were the most respected warrior society of the Lakota - they were the veterans, too old to keep fighting, but still ready to defend the camp if they needed to.

Do not use this name. I’m not even supposed to talk about this, let alone consider using it in a game, and the effect you’ve given it has absolutely nothing to do with the purpose of the dance in the first place.

Hesapa Gold Rush would be a better name, but that effective is stupid. Unless you plan on letting teepees affect villagers with their auras, that health reduction would leave the Lakota’s poor defenses even worse off than they already are.

Paha Sapa is unrelated to the Warchief. Name this “Thunder Dreamer” and you’ve got a better thematic to go with.

For the Lakota, just add this affect to the Great Hunt card. Might make it a bit strong, but they have no late-game anyway.

If the Lakota special unit was still the Dog Soldier, this might make sense. As it stands, the Tokala Soldiers are firmly a Lakota warrior society. The Cheyenne have nothing to do with them now. Rename to “Eagle Feathers” or “Feathering Ceremony”.

Thank you for your feed back.

I know this name is really not the best choice, and it is not my first choice too.
I actually chose Ghost Dance as the name of this tech at the beginning because it was used to end American westward expansion. But I am not sure which name is better. The effect of this tech also aims to strengthen the defense capabilities of the base through forms similar to Stream of Enlightenment and Dukkha Suffering.

This effect is free and make the outlaws more useful than other civs, specialized in offensive, so it will sacrifice defense. Similar to other free techs like Thin Red Line, there has to be pain and gain.
Perhaps the HP punishment could be less, from -33% to -15%, maybe.


It is already a powerful card.
If you regard that this New Tribe card is not enough for their economy, adding an effect of shipping 1 Covered Wagon is conceivable.

Fine. I agree.

The Lakota, as well as other Native Americans, are positioned as a civ strong in the early game and weak in the late game, especially the Lakota and Haudenosaunee are specialized in their offensive, sacrificing defense. All the adjustments are basically in two directions: to make the offensive more deadly, or to make the later struggles easier.


Here it is !!!

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Just as there are shipments of ‘infinite military ships’, why couldn’t there be infinite fishing boats?

Could be like this:
Shipment of 3 infinite fishing boats at age 2. The ‘cheap fishing boats’ card increases infinite fishing boats by +2. (total of 5) Assuming that they are equivalent to 250 wood, but they will be ready to go fishing directly.

The ‘2 infinite settlers’ card could scale the number of villagers it gives out:
Captura de pantalla (481)
Age 1: 2
Age 2: 3
Age 3: 5
Age 4: 8
Age 5: 10

(It will vary depending on the civilization or the type of villager).

I think that many cards could have this effect and there would be no need to put infinite cards proportional to each age. It would be better if the card increased its limit proportionally according to age. (not all, but many cards).


Creo que todas las civilizaciones deberían tener tarjetas de pesqueros equivalentes a las de aldeanos.

Age I
Tarjeta de 3 aldeanos
Tarjeta de 3 Pesqueros
Age II
Tarjeta de 4 aldeanos
Tarjeta de 4 Pesqueros
Tarjeta de 5 aldeanos
Tarjeta de 5 Pesqueros

De esta manera salir al mar sería igual de viable que salir tierra.

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Sería interesante que los milicianos dejaran de perder vida y sean mas útiles al final del juego.

La tarjeta podría ser de Age 3 o 4

Milicias avanzadas opción 1:
Los milicianos no pierden vida. + 100% en salud y daño.

Milicias avanzadas opción 2:
Los milicianos no pierden vida y se pueden crear de manera indefinida, (Misma mecánica que las milicias de Estado Unidos).

Quizas sea tarde, pero con respecto a los incas y aztecas una carta que haga referente a los sacrificios seria interesante, como sacrificar aldeanos o soldados para obtener un bonus aun mayor debido al “favor de sus dioses”

Es el bonus del explorador azteca, más experiencia. Yo cambiaría el consejo tribal, que le diera otro bonus, y que el ataque especial se desbloquee solo, como los demás

After a while, here are some new ideas.

Maybe too powerful for the Dutch. Changing it into making the settler train time -15% may be better.

Up to 3, as same as the passive effect of the semi civs on the African maps.

There is a card with a similar name “Calendar Ceremony”, so this tech can be renamed to Human Sacrifice.

To put it succinctly, just let the unit cards which are no longer can be sent able to be sent once again.
The term Tawantinsuyu literally means “the four Suyu”, a empire which accesses and conquers the four directions. Peoples from any direction can come and support the empire.

The card Autarky already make Kancha Houses able to generate wood.
To reflect the name of Bursera Graveolens, the effect can be changed into that the villagers gather wood 8% faster, and the friendly units regenerate HP when close to trees and Kancha Houses.

I found that it is too similar to the card Huanka Support of the Incas.
Maybe it should be replaced by other new economic cards.

  • Tribal Migration (Haudenosaunee and Lakota)
    When a TC is destroyed, the economic drop point will spawn a free Covered Wagon after about 1 minute. If there is no drop point after that 1 minute, it will spawn immediately once there is a new drop point.
    This effect cannot make the economy better but can keep the economy more easily when the player is behind and under attack, as long as the new economic drop point are protected.

  • Pochteca (Aztec)
    Ships 5 Native Scouts. Makes Native Scouts trickle 0.4 coin and XP, and they trickle double when there is any enemy unit and building in their LoS.
    I think this effect can well reflect the meaning of Pochteca. As long as the player let them stealth and keep their safety, there would be good income.


I think the card should make the basic militiamen reusable. Even if they lose life it would be enough for a defensive plan. It should also increase the town center’s hit points by 10%.

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Me encantaría una tarjeta que permita a los corrales atraer a los animales salvajes. :smile:

Nombre de la tarjeta:
Quizás cebo?

Los animales de caza son atraídos al corral.

Efectos opcionales:
Los animales de caza se recolectan un 5% o 10 % mas rápido cerca de los corrales.
Los corrales cuestan un 25 % o un 50% menos.
Los animales de corral cuestan un 10% o 15% menos.
Los animales de corral engordan un 15% o 20% mas rápido.

Nota: Solo un efecto extra.

Edad de la tarjeta:
Age 1 o Age 2

Nota: Age 3 es discutible

Fomenta el uso de los corrales a corto plazo.

This would give the pens a good use, but I would like some historical truth XD.

Lamento que no cumpla tus expectativas, pero gracias por contestar. :sweat_smile:

¿Se te ocurre alguna alternativa mas correcta?