1 year of DE: What would you like to see changed/fixed?

Naming by weapons is fine to me.
In reality, soldiers will not only use one kind of the weapon or tactic, but the design of the game cannot fully reflect reality. In the AoE series, this is destined to happen in large numbers.

so its probably “pike pike”

yeah weapon names are fine, its just not unique to the native civs. i still have no idea what a kanya is though

Probably because terms like “pike” “sword” “musket” etc are too broad/generic.
Sarissa is pike. Pike is pike. Qiang is pike. Long yari is pike. They are not so different in the sense of being pikes…so making a true “unique pike” is quite hard.


You are overreacting. The devs were very quick to nerf OP civilizations. The only exception was Sweden, which just happened to have a large reservoir of OP build orders.

Overall, the game is very well balanced. There have been a few rough edges around the releases of the new civs,but that is to be expected when introducing new elements and mechanics in RTS. It is somewhat better to release OP civs in RTS (so people swarm to play them and generate lots of useful data for balancing and also income), than release UP civs that nobody will play.

In fact, this dev team is by far the best dev team I’ve ever seen in a game in the past few years. Just compare it to the complete fiasco that has been aoe4 multiplayer.


Chu Ko Nu is a specific weapon made by the Chinese. Naginata is a specific weapon used by the Japanese. Same with a Chakram, Iron Flail, and the Musketeer overall was a shared line soldier across many European tactics.

The Lakota and Hauds don’t get anything like this, despite the fact that I came up with usable and viable names for these units with remarkably little effort on my own, and the fact that we had warrior societies who fought in specific manners that could have been used for the basis of units.

And what the ■■■■ is a “Hawk Bow”? Cetan means “hawk,” but I have never seen a reference to a hawk bow in the years I’ve studied the Lakota and their military histories.

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They probably figured they could use Wakina to refer to the thunderbird, and intended “Hawk Bow” to parallel “Thunderbird Rifle” as a less powerful weapon, as hawk is a bird lesser than the Wakíŋyaŋ.

Not to say these names are historically accurate (they aren’t), just that they did care about the aesthetics of names, the names weren’t chosen at random, and you can suss out the logic behind them.

Compare the Haud units, where the pattern of all three loanwords is names of weapons: Aenna (bow), Tomahawk (actually an Algonquian word), and Kanya (“stick”, by which the devs intended the war club). Their source is probably a word list like this:

68 Bow Aeana
69 War club Yeanteriyohta kanyoh

(Taken directly from here, original source is Notes on the Iroquois, or, Contributions to the statistics, aboriginal history, antiquities and general ethnology of western New York)

Or this:

53 stick (of wood) kà:nhia/kaná:kare

From wiktionary:


Personally, I would like to see the old ui for the homecity cards in the deckmanager.


First, I need a shortcut to find Indian forts, preferably including forts and barracks when all barracks are selected. Playing India without a shortcut to select forts is the biggest reason I don’t play India.
Secondly, the selection of all infantry should not include scouts, which makes me let scouts go to die every time I fight. This is the reason why I don’t play France.

I want to reoder decks. I don’t want to remake all of them when adding a new one. All our deck lists look like this:

my deck
1vs1 water
1v1 mercenaries
team water schooners
1v1 japan
2v2 water
team cav

The other thing I would change asap is the rank system. Rework ‘‘casual rank’’ (which nobody understands) and use the old legacy rank system based on military ranks


yeah being able to organize the order of choice of these decks is just essential for me lol


Maybe make possible to see in game when ur friends was online and make possible to send messages ingame. that Are stored so ur friends can see next time when they again online.


I’m not as radical as proposing full reworks, but I still think some under-used aspects of the game for the legacy civs (like mercs, outlaws, livestock, natives, etc.) should be at least made viable, even if most of these civs are still good without them (otherwise what’s the point of implementing them?)

And also fill some design holes left by the DLCs and updates:

  • Huge inconsistency of outlaw cost-effectiveness across regions
  • Some maps shown in the loading screen but not implemented (I believe these will be live sooner or later though)
  • Several nations have no access to their own mercs even through cards
  • Non-American native ally cards for European civs
  • Some unnecessary cards/techs (like the Portuguese besteiro, which used to be the pseudo-guard upgrade for crossbowmen, but now Portuguese already have the actual upgrade; it can be reworked to ship something more useful and consistent like cannoneers)

In the Lakota language, the word to reference the Thunderbird and storm thunder is different from the word used to denote the sound of a gunshot - sli hingla denotes the sound comes from a gun or similar, while huhuh hingla denotes literal thunder. Wakinyan is specifically for the being.
So that name makes no sense.
Also, Hawks have their own place in our stories, and bows were more sacred than guns. Everyone could use a bow to a high degree of mastery - it was required for life on the plains. Guns were only useful in specific situations, and not at all useful in raids, only in an outright confrontation, which was generally avoided as much as possible.
IE, the devs gave an extremely small amount of thought to the names of the units. I changed the skirmisher to “Waoka,” which literally just means “Marksman,” although it tends to imply a good marksman. For the bow, I renamed it “Miyostake,” which is a reference to a type of arrow we used to help train young ones with. It was blunt and not meant to injure all that much.


Agra Fort hotkey

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Thank you, this method worked in the original version, is there a solution in the decision version?

Can you do me another favor? This method can only select one hussar, I want to use a shortcut to select all hussars
map (“shift-d”, “game”, “uiFindType(“Hussar”)”)

It works for me in the DE version as well. Use the same method as is seen in the link I had sent you.
D:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\AoE3DE\Startup ------> user.con.
where user.con is a CON file not a text file.

  1. You want to train a full batch (for Agra), yeah?

// Train units in batches of five
map(“shift-d”, “WonderAccel”, “tis(“ypSepoy”, 5)”)
map(“shift-s”, “WonderAccel”, “tis(“ypNatMercGurkha”, 5)”)
map(“shift-f”, “WonderAccel”, “tis(“ypRajput”), 5”)

Replace map(“key with whatever combination of keys you want.

  1. If you’re talking about selecting all hussars or any selected unit on the field, then you need to use the “find all of selected type” hotkey.
    Options->hotkeys->find unit hotkeys->find all of selected type

Thanks, the problem with selecting hussar has been solved.
About the problem of selecting Alag Castle in the definied version: I didn’t find user.con in that directory, so I created a user.con. but it didn’t work.

I’m sure I didn’t create user.txt because I copied editor.con and modified its contents and changed the name of the file to user.

This I actually think is a bigger issue than “club warrior” (because other civs have very generic names as well like “flamethrower”).
“Hawk (cetan) bow” “thunder (wakina) rifle” feels to me like “dragon arquebusier” for Chinese or “great serpent musketeer” for Japanese (literal meaning). Too forced and fantastical and not like real combat units.
If there is no other better ways to name them, just transliterate the native names for the units/weapons (similar to “soldado”).