11-06-2020 | Malfunctioning Mechanics no. 2 | #101.101.37906.0 5105673

Hi, let me start by saying I’ve been playing aoe2 multiplayer for approximately 10 years already on quite a high level - currently 1v1: 15xx and TG: 23xx rating.
AoC, HD, Voobly, DE - I know them all. I am also familiar with Age of Empires 2 pro scene.
I’m disappointed by the lack of fixes of malfunctioning mechanics in the game.
This is my 2nd report of multiple malfunctioning mechanics existing in the game.
The 1st report is available here:
07-05-2020 | Malfunctioning Mechanics | #101.101.36906.0_4941835

NONE of the mechanics that I reported were fixed in the latest patch.
Yet I’m determined enough to spend my time on trying to improve this lovely and nostalgic game of ours.
Devs, please respond to the thread so I know that I’m not wasting my time by doing this and the issues are being tracked.

The purpose of this topic is to report to the team of developers about malfunctioning mechanics that exist and appear very often or have a significant impact on overall experience for the players.

:arrow_forward: GAME INFORMATION

  • Build: #101.101.37906.0 5105673
  • Platform: Steam
  • Operating System: Windows 10
  • Gamertag: RediRodion

:arrow_forward: ISSUE

Malfunctioning Mechanics:

  1. Just clicking to Attack the unit, then shift clicking to move - the intention behind it is to have your units kill the clicked unit then after the unit is killed they should move to the chosen location. What happens in the game is that your units move immediately and don’t kill/attack the unit you ordered them to.
    It works properly if you order to attack the unit HOLDING shift. By definition of how shift clicking is supposed to be adding commands to the queue of commands for a unit - it should work properly no matter if you shift click or not when targeting a specific unit and then moving somewhere.
    1st attached pictures shows targeting the villager.
    2nd picture shows shift clicking to move to the South. Units don’t attack/kill the villager. Instead they perform the next shift click command which was to move to the South.

  2. Shift-clicking relics with a monk that already has a relic is impossible (monk holding a relic is NOT treated as a unit that can gather relics). That means the player cannot shift click a monk to gather multiple relics if a monk is already bringing the relic to the monastery.

  3. Relics are invisible behind castles in a bottom right corner (there is no white contour defining the shape of a relic)
    1st picture shows a foundation of a castle being built in front of the relic.
    2nd and 3rd picture shows how a relic is not visible after the construction of a castle (from 2 different games - the same architecture skin though).
    4th attached picture shows that for other buildings (e.g. Monastery) doesn’t cover the relic).
    The last attached picture shows how having selected monk doesn’t let you to gather up the relic behind a castle.

  4. Flank formation bugs out when there are objects on the sides to the units (e.g. trees, forests). Flank formation is not performed properly in these conditions.
    The less units in the group the more often it happens.
    The attached pictures 1-2 show sending 5 crossbowman in Line Formation through the chokepoint.
    The 3rd picture shows the result of having just changed the formation of those 5 crossbowman. The group should separate into 2 halves. Instead all archers are going on one side.
    The last picture shows complete chaos - units are going from on flank to the other back and forth shuffling all the way (slowing down the movement of a group).

  5. Units attack gates (after construction is finished) only in 2 corner tiles instead of attacking the gate at its whole length.
    The attached pictures 1, 2 show how units attack only 2 marginal tiles of a 4 tile wide gate (and it’s impossible to attack the middle section with melee).

  6. It’s incredibly hard to click (target) the gate at the front when 2 or more gates are in contact with each other (on their longer side) creating doubled thick gate.

  7. Farmers open gates if the farm touches the gate in the left corner.
    The attached picture shows described situation.

:arrow_forward: REPRODUCTION STEPS

Here’s how to reproduce the issue:

  1. Start the typical Random Map game.
  2. Replicate the situation described and shown in the pictures.
  3. Make sure that you follow the description. Try multiple times.

Thank You.

Best Regards


totally had these issues as well, that shift click gets worse though…

ive queued ONLY attack commands using ranged units on multiple targets , and instead my units tried to move to the positions where the targets were… not attacking anything, and that was purely attacking the units (clicking on the target itself) no move commands