07-05-2020 | Malfunctioning Mechanics | #101.101.36906.0_4941835

Hi, let me start by saying I’ve been playing aoe2 multiplayer for approximately 10 years already on quite a high level - currently 1v1: 15xx and TG: 23xx rating.
AoC, HD, Voobly, DE - I know them all. I am also familiar with Age of Empires 2 pro scene.
I’m amazed by recent progression of aoe2 and thankful to Definitive Edition team for listening to player base input.

The purpose of this topic is to report to the team of developers about malfunctioning mechanics that exist and appear very often or have a significant impact on overall experience for the players.

Malfunctioning Mechanics section:

  1. Clicking foundation of an object that entirely covers the whole tile should be UNEQUIVOCAL.
    For example an object’s foundation that the cursor hovers upon should be always selected after clicking it no matter what surrounds it (e.g. other trees, towers, palisades).
    Please, it’s very important, it adds consistency to the game and reduces ineffective actions which are not caused by mistakes made by players but because of malfunctioning mechanics of the game.
    The attached pictures show how hovering above a chosen tree and then right clicking on its foundation selects a different tree instead.
    1 2

  2. It’s way too hard to click units (e.g. builders) behind raising foundation. The foundation that is in a process of construction gains height and covers more and more screen area - covering the units and everything else behind it, making it unnecessarily hard to click anything else. Having to repeatedly click enemy units to actually target them instead of raising foundation is extremely frustrating, so is trying to move your units behind it. It’s basically impossible to right click behind a raising foundation.
    In order to target or select foundations in a process of building (0.01% to 99.99%) players need to click the 1x1, 2x2, 3x3 or 4x4 tiles that is stands on - not the visually growing construction.
    The attached pictures (1-4) show how selection of constructions currently works (it covers even more clickable area than just the base and construction).
    1 2 3 4

  3. Solving above problem with the given solution would solve this one as well.
    It’s completely impossible to click on (select or target) objects or buildings behind a construction of gates. This is quite unique but for some reason gates’ constructions completely block anything behind them until the gate is built. Repeatedly clicking on constructions behind the gate always selects the gate.
    The attached picture shows a stone gate blocking the player from ordering his villagers to build a tower behind it.

  4. Once double tapping LMB (left mouse button) on unbuilt walls (palisades or stone walls) only those walls that are yet unbuilt should be selected.
    The best would be to differentiate walls [that are untouched at all (0% built progress)] and to those [that are either partially built (0.01% - 99.99%) or completely build (100%)].

Nevertheless, keep other buildings the way it is - so unbuilt, partially built or finished military or economic buildings can be all selected at once by double tapping any of those kinds.
That way it makes it easy to add them to control groups.

The attached pictures 1-3 show how currently selecting all palisades works.
Picture 4th shows how selection should work.
Last picture (5th) shows how selecting all (unbuilt and built) barracks works and should stay like that.

  1. TC foundation in a control group loses its control group after it’s built.
    Keep TC in the control group that its foundation was in.
    The attached pictures 3, 4 show how currently TC is not longer in the control group after finishing construction.
    The attached pictures 1, 2 show how Barracks work as intended and are still in the control group after finishing construction.

  2. When a player is ungarrisoning units (e.g. villagers) from TC as more and more units are hopping into TC continuously - sometimes the ungarrison button stops working, even though there are units inside of TC. In order to ungarrison villagers the player needs to deselect and then select the TC again.

Readers - I encourage you to give out your own opinion on above changes and add your own input in comments but please:

  • respect each other;
  • make sure that you’re adding something researched and constructive to the topic;
  • before posting your opinion make sure that it’s clear, grammatically and stylistically correct so there’s no misunderstanding on anyone’s part.

Thank You.

Best Regards


Very nicely written report! I agree with pretty much everything that’s here.


These are all great suggestions and feedback. I wish posts like these would be noticed more.


really good report, and ive had almost all these issues, drives my nuts sometimes, that example with the lumberjack! finally forced me to use the small trees mod, and it still happens sometimes, really frustrating!


I have reported 5th issue years ago,glad to see someone care about it as well.
Once devs decide to fix it,please make sure “choose all building hotkeys” and “gather point” fix together.

Here are what we do normally:
we build something,and then click choose “all building hotkey” or double click to assign group number#,and set a gather point.
But unfinished building’s gather point will be gone after finished,so we have to reassign building again and again,plus deal with sending the troop spawn behind building.
I think unfinished buildings should be allow to set gather point by right click in advance.


I had problem 2 recently. I was playing against AI and it was putting up a building that I was very keen to prevent going up. I had archers right next to it and could easily have killed any villagers working on building it, but it was impossible to click on the villagers to tell the archers to target them, because the hit box for the building extended to completely cover the villager hit boxes.

I would sometimes like to be able to rotate the map in 90 degree steps, as it would be one way to solve this problem, but I have no idea if the graphics engine could easily support that.

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yo devs, I thought you fixed it, no?