120 villagers is enough

wasn’t actually suggesting limiting the economy, rather speeding up the unit training and tech research to be actually able to spend resources that just stockpile otherwise, smt this game is currently still very poor at handling

In AoE 3 you could do it, but only in a 60-minute treaty match…

I saw this game, and marinelord had way more villagers for a longer time+water, what won beasty the game was more him getting relics which allowed him to easily go to imperial right after marinelord just hit castle age and from there his economy just scaled out of control even though marinelord had 2tc+water the whole game.
Fix here would be to change the cheaper cost from swabia to the other age 4 landmark from the hre. Swabia shouldnt have that kind of discount.

which is exactly what i’m trying to point out, in a 30-40 minute game in games other than aoe4, you would never reach this in a realistic scenario, also aoe4 doesn’t have official treaty so its even more problematic, as players could probably punish boomers if they wanted to but don’t for whatever reason

Yes, it’s a whole topic as you see…

I would like it to be more risky or not very advantageous to produce so many villagers

fantasteec is Liucifron

Why not just put a standard build cap of 100 like in AOE-3?

It’s these stone walls, units get better stats as they age up, but stone walls have the same hp since the feudal age! just 5 minutes of departure

This video is irrefutable evidence of the low rate of aoe2, 30 resources per minute. In aoe4 since the dark ages the collection rate is 38 resources per minute, in aoe2 surely 150 villagers are necessary, but in aoe4 no, and it is a simple abuse to accumulate so many resources, in a short time, in complicity with the defensive structures of the game

You cannot just compare resource collect per villager between 2 games as you also need to put resource usage rate into it too.

Units in AOE2 is cheaper compared to AOE4:

  • Knight: AOE2 = 130 total resource in 30 sec ; AOE4 = 240 total resource in 35 sec
  • MAA: AOE2 = 80 total resource in 21 sec ; AOE4 = 120 total resource in 22.5 sec
  • Archer: AOE2 = 70 resource in 27 sec ; AOE4 (crossbow) = 120 resource in 22.5 sec

From what I see, AOE4 resource usage rate is about 1.5 - 2 times to AOE2 while full upgrade rate of gather is about 2 times too (38*1.5 = 57 resource per min), so both need about same amount of villagers (or a bit smaller) to gather resource.


With 120 villagers, the remaining population was created. Up to 200 population, which included siege, evidence, not bias :wink:

But some allow aberrant strategies, such as suppressing your own villagers when it suits them, or like the image, that even losing more than 200 villagers, continues in the game and the rival decides to surrender for so much burden

The same is the ages… they are more expensive in AoE 4 than in AoE 2…

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I wonder, then, if AoE4’s collection rates should be lowered, so that it would require more time, effort, and villagers to collect resources, too :slight_smile:

Just being funny, I know you wouldn’t want that

However, do you think/agree unranked games should be able to make 500 population?

In a thread, I show the 2v2 tournament where there were quick games, I made a mistake at the beginning of the thread, I wanted to say that one of the arguments for not raising the number of villagers is that it is multiplied by each player in team games, I proposed that This would depend on the number of total players, I think I exaggerated in the 4v4 population; However, the important thing is the idea, I see this as far away considering that up to now the cost of the wonder does not depend on the number of players, I would like the wonder to return to 3 thousand in 1v1.
What I hope is that it gradually makes the boom strategy of accumulating resources more risky, so that it discourages a turtle game

I would like a population of 220 but there is no point, if the additional population would be occupied by more villagers



It seems that more than 150 villagers kept it 68 minutes into the game or was it thanks to the Keeps?


to add here, generic villager in aoe3 also has 30 resources per minute gather rate, with all updates in place, in aoe4, dark age base rate is well above that, 38 as you say, and despite lower rate, aoe3 has limit of 100, even less with civs that have strong bonuses or faster gathering method at hand

one big factor to add here, aoe2 ingame clock runs 1.5 (1.7 in DE)x faster than irl, while in aoe3 and 4 it runs at the same speed as irl clock

This isn’t a “creative” or “free-will” game. You have to make meaningful decisions to win, and follow out a strategy against that of an opponent. If you want creativity and free-will maybe try Sims.

his point still makes more sense than yours, you are greatly missunderstanding the word creativity, he is talking creative strategies, smt this game isn’t all that good at supporting, you either play developer intended meta or you barely stand a real chance

Well I understand the games I play and the ones I watch. I see a great deal of creativity in terms of strategy at all levels. I’m responding to the thread as a whole, and the part Alpha is also responding too, how the Meta is maligned because it functions within restrictions.
Saying it is just developer dictate is just pessimistic on your part too. It is not the developers intention to make only one viable Landmark, for example, it just plays out differently in the way the game get played out and thought of conventionally. There are still other avenues open, people just forget that.