2 GPU aoe 4 use the 2nd and up to 105°C

i have 2 GPU and i have one for gaming, the second fov making videos, aoe 4 use the 2nd gpu and up it to 105°C! i got the first gpu to 24% and the second is at 85% !
before ask me this, this is what i have already do:

nvidia panel physics: dedied on the 1st gpu
with the box and without
3d parameters prefered cuda : gpu1
3d parameters prefered openGL: gpu1

searching for launch option on steam…

nothing work aoe4 continue to use the 2 nd gpu…


Heat is never a game problem

Its a cooling problem

If you don’t like 105C then fix the cooling on your GPU. Either

  1. Fix the fan curve to actually spin up
  2. clear out the dust bunny farm you have in there

dude the second video card is not for gaming.

Again heat is not a game/application problem

its a cooling problem

You are solving the wrong problem if you think hitting 105 is something you should be ignoring

This is like asking “why are my hot and cold faucets swapped” while sort of casually mentioning “oh yeah and my house is on fire”

You’ll see the latter is much more of a problem than the former

you don’t understand the problem.
Any other for help?

You’re truly missing the forest for the trees you realize that right?

boring… i don’t know if my english is not good and you don’t understand cause of that or you juste don’t understand

Hello ! Same issue ! I have two RTX 3080 Fe and at first I didn’t understand why I was getting frame drops even at low settings, turns out AOEIV is indeed using my second gpu at about 80% and using my first gpu at around 20% !
Also it’s interesting that you also have thermal issues because my 3080 is very well cooled and this is the first and only time it went at 80°C ! Even rendering with blender doesn’t push both cards above 69°C so there could be some power management issues in the game code (like with new world blowing up gpu mosfets).

I also tried to force AOEIV to use my first gpu like you but without success.

Thankfully my cards are both powerful so it’s still playable but it’s not great.

My pc :

32 Gb of ram
2x RTX 3080 Fe
1600w psu from corsaire
UHD 60Hz monitor

Latest version of windows 10 and latest Nvidia drivers.

If someone has a solution PLEASE share immediately !


i hope we get a solution !


You do realize that the 3080s dont have SLI meaning no game is ever using both GPUs

Only literally a handful of games support multi-gpu on DX12 meaning unless you were really really into Ashes of the Singularity no game you play uses both GPUs

Just like in the SLI days the solution to these problems is pretty simple. Disable the other card

please… stop reply when you dont know, just skip and go on other subject…


Its sort of hilarious someone who doesnt realize their GPU being on fire is a bad thing

you cant read, he clearly says the second gpu isnt for gaming. He is wondering how to make the game use the first gpu


Hello there Doyama,
Can you please stop replying ? Not only you are spreading disinformation but this isn’t helping us in any way.


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Maybe a dumb question, but which GPU is tied to your monitor? Do you have both GPUs attached to something? Did you make sure you changed those settings in NVIDIA control panel to the AoE4 application?

Even running at 100% GPUs should never get that hot… you might have cooling problem. Also install MSI Afterburner and set your temperature limit to 90C max so you don’t fry your GPU, and set a more agressive fan curve. RivaTuner that comes with MSI AB can also help you troubleshoot it as it provides real-time temps on-screen while you play.

I’m running a single 1080ti on ultra settings and temps are very reasonable:

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Basically this: https://youtu.be/rTiHUUaV0WM

I mean

  1. the 3080s dont have SLI so there’s no functional way the game can use 2 GPUs especially since the game doesnt support DX12 multi-GPU
  2. if the OP’s heat is hitting 105C that is not a game problem that’s a cooling issue. The fact they seem utterly unfazed by their GPU being actually damaged by heat is sort of astounding given that when their GPU dies due to heat, they won’t be able to replace the card at any reasonable price
  3. just like SLI in the past, the most common fix for any multi-gpu issue is, disable the second card

That’s not misinformation

I also read the part where the GPU is hitting 105 which is again like sort of wondering why the fridge isnt’ cooling properly then casually mentioning that the house is on fire. The OP needs to figure out why their GPU is hitting 105 because that’s a much bigger problem that has very expensive consequences when the GPU dies from lack of cooling

Not to mention if their GPU is hitting 105 there are also likely lots of other problems going on

Aka fix the house on fire problem first, then deal with the fridge


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Juste to be clear, NO ONES CARES, WE JUST WANT THE GAME TO USE GPU 0 ! I don’t care if my house or your house or everyone’s house is on fire since TEMPERATURE is not relevant here ! Please please please stop.