20% Sale, Koreans and Portuguese

The Portuguese have 20% discount on everything, yes on everything (Siege, Ships, Knights, Archers, Monks…), and Koreans have 20% discount on wood on everything except siege and here we come in this point of view, just what is better saving gold or wood? Ofcourse gold because it is less than wood in everything, in work rate, in availability and it is the most thing needed for the strong units and meta units, and here is the question
Why do Portuguese have 20% discount on gold for their siege and Koreans don’t have it on their Siege?! Just where is the logic here?!

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Saving Gold is better than wood in non Teamgames.
And it’s about Balance.

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This doesn’t deny their benefit or change thier balance, actually having 20% on gold for every thing break the balance more than having 20% discount on wood

Wood is better against early enemy rushes.

Gold is better if you are the rusher…


Wood is more important than gold for most of the game. You need it to make farms, buildings and to get food for the entire game, gold only starts to matter when you get to the late game. If you think about it, Aztecs are regarded as one of the best civs in the game despite having an army that completely relies on gold.

IMO the issue with Koreans is not their eco but their tech tree, but I haven’t really played them enough to come to a well informed opinion there.


But does this prevent Koreans to have their 20% discount on wood? (On siege)

I agree the wood discount should be extended to siege.

I don’t agree with your reasoning though. There were legitimate balance concerns and the devs must have been really scared of over-buffing stuff.


Yeah but i am talking about the 20% discount on wood, and on siege ofcourse it will start in the castle age since the siege is only available in castle age so i don’t think it will be broken to have their 20% discount on siege

But 20% discount on gold for everything is more broken than 20% discount on wood

Koreans get special mangonel/onager. , so a discount on it could be ‘too strong’. Portuguese get nothing special, except a very wide tech tree.

Wood is an issue until imp: you need it to make farms, military building, new TC, houses. Gold is an issue only in very late game. Portuguese are designed to dominate the late game with feitoria and more gold in the bank.

edit: don’t forget that wood discount on water is… nearly OP. That makes them top 5 water civ in my opinion


@Chakalmax explains why people were scared when the wood discount was first introduced. It could have been like giving a discount to Lithuanian knights.

At this point it’s pretty clear it wouldn’t be, Koreans can get the siege discount without becoming OP, and therefore they should get it. “Wood discount except for siege” is :face_vomiting:

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And how giving the Koreans 20% on wood for their siege will make them broken? They have 20% on wood not on wood and gold so you will not gonna expect them to have army of siege only by 20% discount on wood, cause the ports can do the same with their 20% gold discount

This will not make them OP at all, and if you are saying it tell me how?

Like i said, wood is an issue until imp. It’s more easy to gather gold in early castle than wood. Early castle siege push with upgraded tower could be strong.

we don’t need korean hoang style!

  • on hybrid map (like meditarean) it would be broken. -20% wood on ship is enough

Portuguese only get gold discount. Other bonus are useless (and even the tech research time up is nearly irrelevant except in imp)

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Rams cost (160w, 75g), 160 with 20% discount=128 wood. How saving 32 more wood will make them broken? As i said do you think once they hit the castle you will see army of siege in your base by saving 32 more wood?

The wood cost will still high and will still issue too in castle age even with having 20% discount on siege

I think developers thought it buffs siege onager spam a lot.

Portuguese get their strong Bombard Cannons with -20% gold cost. The Korean bonus is non-sensical to me.

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bombar cannons comes late. My main concerns is the potential hoang style in early castle. Maybe we can add the wood discount to siege, but there’s a risk.

And with the free armor archer i think we need to wait & see more games to know if they need any up or not.

Gold savings is only important in the Imperial Age, when Gold starts becoming scarce on the map, while Wood is the second most important resource (after Food) for the Dark, Feudal and Castle Ages.

While I do agree that Koreans should have the 20% discount applied to Siege, I also can easily see why a Wood discount is stronger than a Gold discount.

In water Koreans also get Shipwright on top of the Wood dicount, while Ports do not, so the Korean bonus even has a stacking benefit.

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Well it depends. In my opinion, gold is more important in the late game, since it’s more scarce, but wood it’s more useful in the early game, especially when you are trying to build blacksmith, market, ranges, farms and so on…
The problem is that most units in feudal age that cost wood have a low cost on wood, I mean you save about 5-7 wood per unit, while portos save between 9 and 15 gold, more if you consider siege and monks.

So it’s more about the units affected than the resource.

Probably because by the time that you are training you first manganels you still need a lot of wood for farms, and that would become a big eco bonus.

Also, koreans already have one the best SO, having them cheaper with cheaper halbs may be too much.