2021 overview

Well, I finished the calendar and decided to remaster it. I think it was better than the other version made in paint.
I want to clarify that I wanted to do this post later, but hey, I have to go on vacation, so I publish it now.
Now, a brief summary of what the year was like.

Sweden was the most OP that existed, especially the griddy boom of blueberries, carolean, svea guard, infinite mameluks, etc.
The 12/10 French was very popular, and the cuirassier was a machine.
At that time, in teams, people liked to do FI with Spain and take out pure archaic, very funny.

The Lakota emerged as the most OP civilization in the game. The tokalas, the siege ceremony, and the speed of the cab was insane.
There was a BO troller, where you spammed Natives, also very funny.
China receives several buffs.
If I remember correctly, in those days, the meta was to use Japan, advance with torii gates, and use the samurai to burn buildings early.

The native Inca rush becomes popular.
The Aztecs receive more buffs, but above all a reduction in the age advance time, which turned it into a broken one, the funny thing about it is that the changes were designed to reduce the supposed “high percentage of victories” that the azzys they enjoyed.
The Russians are not far behind, and they receive more buffs.
The Dutch, receive a 5% collection buff, I think at this point the legend of “the semi ff gang attacked back” began.

A new civilization is announced, and to surprise, it was the USA, we were all very scared.
Elite Gaming starts doing things.
They eliminate thank goodness, Arctic Territories of the competitive one.
The Suez Channel Incident (My Best Meme)
The girls realize that the Granadero a caballo is broken.

The semi ff gang becomes the meme of the moment.
Portuguese 10/10 becomes popular
USA was not as broken as we expected, only the gatlings and state militia were strong.
The BO of marines is popularized.
Spain becomes S tier, with changes to the logistician.

The darkest month for me, players begin to abuse 10/10, the water boom, very abusive full turtle strategies and the minuteman.
FI is popularized with Portugal and make revo with Peru.

The situation compared to June did not change much (the nerf made it to the end of the month)
A new DLC with African civilization, the African Royals, is announced.
We laugh at the camel with gatlings.
A BO of nizams is popularized.
Hazza beats Mitoe, in one of the most remembered finals.

The most difficult month, Ethiopia and Hausa come to light, and they are broken.
Tower rush hausa becomes the most popular strategy.
Rampant abuse of Ethiopian ff.
Ethiopian cannon, gasenya, javelin, knights, gunboats, desert outlaws, all broken.
To alleviate the situation, Kaiserklein organizes a tournament of legacy civilizations.

Less and less is missing, and we can finally see what aoe4 is about
EPC and ECL 2021.
Africans are still broken.
Some players who were very low on the ladder, surprise everyone by climbing to very high levels, beating the best players in the world, using Africans, the most popular case being Dark Psicopata.
We are warned that there is going to be a new civilization soon, and we all thought it was going to be Morocco (in the end, it was Mexico)

The wait is over, and at the end of the month, AOE 4 comes out.
To our surprise and pride, several AoE3 players climb high on the AoE4 ladder, the most popular being GUA.
The Incas get a rework, the FF of kallankas and spam of huaraca + bola warrior becomes popular.
After 8 months, the dutchs are nerfed, by now all the buff from March has been reversed.

Mexico is announced.
The Aztecs receive a rework.
Mongolian TC rush is nerfed
Springalds wreak havoc.
The cassador < piks incident.
Moon gets +50 wins in a row in 1v1 and reaches the TOP 1, nobody could stop him.

Mexico comes out, and it’s broken.
The FI becomes very popular.
Very strong revolutions and very powerful units and shipments.

Well that’s it, I wish you all a very happy holidays, a merry christmas and a happy new year. I hope everyone can take a vacation and that next year will be much better than this 2021.
Thank you very much to the community for receiving me and my memes, and I make special mention of @Challenger_Marco , without him, I could never have made this calendar.


Not true?

Maybe in vs AI.

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U forgot Argentina Grenaderomania :slight_smile:


Very nice overview!

AoE3 makes me so happy. AoE4 on the other hands keeps making me sadder and sadder.


I don’t know if you remember it, but at that time the Lakotas had the highest victory index, the crates gave you 100 w, therefore chop 100 w more, and you had guaranteed initial TP, with the drip of exp you could do all kinds of crazy strategies, very early raids. Also the WC had a speed aura of 15% (now 10%) and the siege ceremony was much more powerful. We all hated the Lakota, but the hatred was overshadowed by Japan and Sweden.

I don’t remember who, popularized advancing with torii instead of toshogu, and took advantage of the samurai to besiege and destroy things early. In those days, Japan came to commercial very fast, and they could destroy any FB or do a lot of damage, today that opening still exists, but it is not so popular because it is quite slow.

In April, which is when everything started, it is contemplated, we will never forget it xd


I liked a lot of things about AOE-4, but I think I discard many aspects of AOE-3 such as batch creation or siege operators. Much artistic poverty, except for the music and sound effects.


‘‘Several’’ strikes me as an overstatement lol

Other than that fun calendar!

Well I guess it could work if this was the first time some did it against you and you were booming so hard that you forgot to garrison 4 villagers to snipe the samurai or all your minutemen.

Hahaha good post guy! i love this


I think the Japan build order was similar to what Aussie Drongo showcased here This Japan Build Order Is Overpowered - YouTube

You make a bunch of ashigaru and then ship a bunch of unit shipments to your Daimyo. You get a free samurai on age up which was good for sieging but other than that I don’t think people generally made samurai with this strat. I think it is what prompted the -100f +100c crate change in March (which made it perhaps one of my least favorite patches especially since many people was rushing with Aztect that patch)

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Not going to criticize any of this. This took alot of work and is a well done recap. The year went by fast.


Garja should probably be on the balance team. Considering that he’s directly responsible for figuring out the BOs for Hausa’s Tower Rush and Mexico’s FI, it seems like he knows how to break DE very well.


U right lol, was blind :smiley:


He vuelto a releerlo, que ganas de ver el resumen del 2022.