Rushing is dead, get rid of Commerce age and save us time

Wow two great posts in the same 24 hr period. Your on a roll.


i love your comments ngl XD

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totally agree with you. All you see is Spain FF, Otto FF or Otto FI into Revo. Mexican Revolutions, Aztec FF, China FF. Italy FI, Nobody plays Age2 anymore and if you play Age2 you are at 80% automatic disadvantage.

The current meta of the game is terrible.


mmm my 95% wins are by rush with hausa, 1350 elo player


I do agree with the idea that the devs has been trying to nerf camping, but the meta has also moved to a more FI direction, sorta since Mexico came out, arguably due to how strong the rushes of the african civs were at launch (the terror of the hausa rushes were such that there is a vid of a counter strat with haud where you use the snipe ability to kill the african cattles)

So the player base has just developed a lot of tools against early aggression and you since only a select number of civs can play extended age 2 ( brits, india , japan, swedes maybe russia) you will see more FF and FI.


just remembering back to this post which is a meme but alot of these events did happen, the meta has basically shifted back and forth alot even in just a year


The rush is still a viable strategy, many civilizations no longer execute it because they know they have an advantage in other ages also for other changes introduced in the game and new mechanics, some new civilizations defend themselves well so the strategic option has moved to 3 and 4 age mainly because many do not rush or more and know they are not very bothered while executing their strategies. Some civilizations that had an advantage in the rush have been broken in this way and are in fact little played.
Many times, however, the rush concept is confused in all in rush and hard rush where they are strategies that at low levels can work but at higher levels do not work because they know how to block a rush all in and then have no way to recover to continue the game, the rush is a continuous pressure to induce the opponent to do things he does not want and to consume resources to make buildings that he needs for example houses and keep him in his base (even if some civilizations do not need a map much).


I actually got rushed by Otts today. A very rare thing.

This player only had 9 games under his belt. Apparently he never got the memo.

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Thats what im saying man. Espcially with Mexico. They are so OP especially with Soldado being S tier. But yeah The devs keep making the meta turtle and FF and FI

I mean you just proved the point. That was an inexperienced player. Experienced players who win know better and don’t do that. Also, can I ask did you win that game or lose? I’ll bet you beat back the rush aged, up, and won.

Also the point of the thread isnt “rushing never happens.” It does. The point is it fails in most cases because the devs are discouraging it. If this wasn’t the case how do you explain Mexico, Italians, and Malta all based around a turtle FF or FI?


you’re all fools

reject booming
retvrn to rushing


Let me just guess what civ you use and your elo…

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Lol, I’m not sure that’s right he had 9 wins and one loss and was 1450 rated. Perhaps returning to the game or a rarely used alt. Who can say. Definitely not a noob though.


es un juego de estrategia pero hacer boom o turtle es malo, osea que la unica estrategia respetable es rush? vaya mierda de juego de estrategia si me lo permiten decirlo

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Ever since the start of DE the meta has slowly shifted towards turtling. Walling off was something unheard of before, but then it became a thing. Even in pro games. I don’t think the recent additions to the game had much to do with the shift in meta.


Uhm, walls got nerfed hard on EP/DE. Hitpoints of unupgraded walls got literally halved.


Are you implying the bastion upgrade is expensive and difficult to get?

I called it months ago.

FF and semi-FF have always been the meta and it boggled me that the devs decided to buff that even further with every patch.

Basically whatever you are doing, being a rush or a steady advancement…you are instantaneously in drawback position.


compared to before massively, it used to be available in age 2 and also doesn’t increase the build time of walls. 1k resources is also nothing to scoff at