29 new bugs and requests for Patch 2.9

The 9th and 17th bug is unforgivable and a downgrade compared to the CD version, so developers have to create a new patch.


  1. Eclipse doesn’t increase the crush attack of Petsuchos.
  2. Vermilion Bird and Phoenix doesn’t do any damage against Nature buildings, such as Dam in the last TOTD Campaign Mission or Bandit Migdols on the Valley of the King map. Give an AttackGAIAbuildings option to Vermilion Bird Tornado and Phoenix, the exe already contains it, but proto hasn’t used it yet. It works, I tested. You may also give it to several attacks with already existing attackGaiaunits option.
  3. Spider Eggs have 2 pop cost, they increase the population by 8 for 5 seconds, it should be removed.
  4. “Titan Gate Dead” needs a Doppled flag, because it acts like buildings.
  5. “Temple Overgrown” needs a hidefromdetailhelp flag in order to remove it from in-game help train section.
  6. Hammer of the Gods, Meteoric Iron Mail and Dragonscale shields should have Iron Weapons, Iron Mail and Iron Shield (and Thor Civ) prerequeiments instead of Iron Weapons Thor etc in order to to save some space in the in-game help upgrades section and make it more consistent.
  7. Citadel Center: Divine Blood and Safeguard have wrong button positions, they have the same positions like other AGE1 techs (Vaults of Erebus, Eyes of the Forest). In Town Center they have correct button positions.
  8. Gather rate bugs related to Gaia Forest Tree:
  • Blue Crystal Shard relic doesn’t affect Gaia Forest Tree.
  • Book of Thoth, Adze of Wepwawet doesn’t affect Gaia Forest Tree.
  • Hand Axe, Bow Saw, Carpenters: Egyptian villager doesn’t receive +1% gathering rate from Gaia Forest Tree, unlike normal trees.

9. Petsuchos and every unit with lightning attacks (SoO, Man O War, Mirror Tower) are completely buggy in EE.
- Petsuchos (SoO, Man O War and Mirror Tower) changes target after third shots despite of a direct order, it chooses the closest target. In Titans it keeps firing the original target.
- It takes 378 seconds for a Petsuchos to destroy a Market in EE and 266 in TT. When player give them more direct orders in EE, this time improves. Petsuchos stops for a while after every shot in EE, in TT it doesn’t. (the interruption is less for the first 3 shots after a direct order)
- Recharge time 0 has no negative effect, someone modified the hardcode.
10. Exploit: unstarted building foundations are invisible to the enemy, but the Blessed Construction visual effect is already visible above them. Make it invisible above unstarted foundations.
11. Phoenix Egg doesn’t appear, when Phoenix dies above any units or buildings. Phoenix Egg should avoid units/buildings after the Phoenix dies.
12. Spider Eggs can appear on Farms, but when they turn into Spider Doors, die instantly. Spider Eggs should avoid Farms on placement.
13. When I select Atlantean Villagers and Villager Heroes together and the first selected unit is a normal villager, the heroization button disappears. Other selected units doesn’t matter.
14. Atlantean Citizens after heroization ignore their original work commands (farming, woodcutting, mining, building, repairing etc), when the destination is too far from them (more than 20 distance).
15. Atlantean Citizens after heroization always ignore their original moving or attacking commands.
16. Single Player doesn’t keep “No Titans” option from the last game. It erases after restart.
17. AI doesn’t create any Dryads since a Patch 2.8 exploit fix.

18. Disable Gaia’s Book of Knowledge and Titan’s Treasure relics, when “No Titans” option is active, because it makes them useless. Introduce a reversedwithouttitan="" param for the relic file.
19. Make it possible to choose colors from the game menu.
20. Make it possible to choose an AI instead of a human player for player 1 like in AOE2 HD (in Single Player).

21. Make it possible to modify accuracy, accuracyreductionfactor, buildingworkrate, researchpoints, populationcount and other stats via techtree.
22. Introduce a flag, which enables Monks to convert units even without free pop space.
23. Introduce a flag, which enables attack bonuses against buildings under construction. (for Destroyer, Hetairoi, Scarab, Behemoth etc.)
24. Introduce a flag, which enables Monks to convert flying units.
25. Introduce a flag, which forces “damage per second” over “damage per hit” for units with area damage. (Shennong’s Sitting Tiger and Fire Lance doesn’t receive the +10% bonus damage from Engineers tech against Walls.)
26. Make the formula for Monk/Priest conversion times public. Nobody knows what is the formula.

27. Fire Lance doesn’t have model for flail animation. It disappears because of a Tornado, Great Flood or Cyclops.
28. The visual effects of the Chinese Titan attack animation uses the default attachpoint instead of hands (lightning) and foots (dust).
29. The visual lightning effects of the attack animations of Titans sometimes appear on a wrong place.

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  1. (CODE) The Caravan pathfinding is still terrible, they stop frequently near to buildings, sometimes even stuck inside buildings. Other units do this very rarely.
  2. (CODE) The visual quality of Great Flood is on joke level. The Great flood suk in units before waves reach them and then they float in the air, sometimes they aren’t even above the water, they float above ground. Sometimes they float underground. 11 I know that it’s only a Tornado code with minimal modifications. Code should be rewritten.

I hope devs will make at least one patch for EE before Definitive Edition.

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  1. (CODE) Villagers can’t repair Farms. They start to gather from Farms instead. However they can repair Greek Temples. In AOE2 they can repair Farms.
  2. (DATA) Jiangshi leaves Scorpion Footprints despite of it floats above ground.
  3. (CODE) Hades’ Shades ignore buildlimit, when the player has no Temple.
  4. (CODE) Poseidon’s Militia always ignore buildlimit.
  5. (DATA) The special attack of Bellerophon (and Polyphemus) have no bonus against Set animals, it does less damage than normal attack.
  6. (DATA) Siege ships have a 3.2X bonus multiplier against Gates since Patch 2.1 without any rational reason. All of their projectiles hit the Gate actually.