29 new bugs and requests for Patch 2.9

The 9th and 17th bug is unforgivable and a downgrade compared to the CD version, so developers have to create a new patch.


  1. Eclipse doesn’t increase the crush attack of Petsuchos.
  2. Vermilion Bird and Phoenix doesn’t do any damage against Nature buildings, such as Dam in the last TOTD Campaign Mission or Bandit Migdols on the Valley of the King map. Give an AttackGAIAbuildings option to Vermilion Bird Tornado and Phoenix, the exe already contains it, but proto hasn’t used it yet. It works, I tested. You may also give it to several attacks with already existing attackGaiaunits option.
  3. Spider Eggs have 2 pop cost, they increase the population by 8 for 5 seconds, it should be removed.
  4. “Titan Gate Dead” needs a Doppled flag, because it acts like buildings.
  5. “Temple Overgrown” needs a hidefromdetailhelp flag in order to remove it from in-game help train section.
  6. Hammer of the Gods, Meteoric Iron Mail and Dragonscale shields should have Iron Weapons, Iron Mail and Iron Shield (and Thor Civ) prerequeiments instead of Iron Weapons Thor etc in order to to save some space in the in-game help upgrades section and make it more consistent.
  7. Citadel Center: Divine Blood and Safeguard have wrong button positions, they have the same positions like other AGE1 techs (Vaults of Erebus, Eyes of the Forest). In Town Center they have correct button positions.
  8. Gather rate bugs related to Gaia Forest Tree:
  • Blue Crystal Shard relic doesn’t affect Gaia Forest Tree.
  • Book of Thoth, Adze of Wepwawet doesn’t affect Gaia Forest Tree.
  • Hand Axe, Bow Saw, Carpenters: Egyptian villager doesn’t receive +1% gathering rate from Gaia Forest Tree, unlike normal trees.

9. Petsuchos and every unit with lightning attacks (SoO, Man O War, Mirror Tower) are completely buggy in EE.
- Petsuchos (SoO, Man O War and Mirror Tower) changes target after third shots despite of a direct order, it chooses the closest target. In Titans it keeps firing the original target.
- It takes 378 seconds for a Petsuchos to destroy a Market in EE and 266 in TT. When player give them more direct orders in EE, this time improves. Petsuchos stops for a while after every shot in EE, in TT it doesn’t. (the interruption is less for the first 3 shots after a direct order)
- Recharge time 0 has no negative effect, someone modified the hardcode.
10. Exploit: unstarted building foundations are invisible to the enemy, but the Blessed Construction visual effect is already visible above them. Make it invisible above unstarted foundations.
11. Phoenix Egg doesn’t appear, when Phoenix dies above any units or buildings. Phoenix Egg should avoid units/buildings after the Phoenix dies.
12. Spider Eggs can appear on Farms, but when they turn into Spider Doors, die instantly. Spider Eggs should avoid Farms on placement.
13. When I select Atlantean Villagers and Villager Heroes together and the first selected unit is a normal villager, the heroization button disappears. Other selected units doesn’t matter.
14. Atlantean Citizens after heroization ignore their original work commands (farming, woodcutting, mining, building, repairing etc), when the destination is too far from them (more than 20 distance).
15. Atlantean Citizens after heroization always ignore their original moving or attacking commands.
16. Single Player doesn’t keep “No Titans” option from the last game. It erases after restart.
17. AI doesn’t create any Dryads since a Patch 2.8 exploit fix.

18. Disable Gaia’s Book of Knowledge and Titan’s Treasure relics, when “No Titans” option is active, because it makes them useless. Introduce a reversedwithouttitan="" param for the relic file.
19. Make it possible to choose colors from the game menu.
20. Make it possible to choose an AI instead of a human player for player 1 like in AOE2 HD (in Single Player).

21. Make it possible to modify accuracy, accuracyreductionfactor, buildingworkrate, researchpoints, populationcount and other stats via techtree.
22. Introduce a flag, which enables Monks to convert units even without free pop space.
23. Introduce a flag, which enables attack bonuses against buildings under construction. (for Destroyer, Hetairoi, Scarab, Behemoth etc.)
24. Introduce a flag, which enables Monks to convert flying units.
25. Introduce a flag, which forces “damage per second” over “damage per hit” for units with area damage. (Shennong’s Sitting Tiger and Fire Lance doesn’t receive the +10% bonus damage from Engineers tech against Walls.)
26. Make the formula for Monk/Priest conversion times public. Nobody knows what is the formula.

27. Fire Lance doesn’t have model for flail animation. It disappears because of a Tornado, Great Flood or Cyclops.
28. The visual effects of the Chinese Titan attack animation uses the default attachpoint instead of hands (lightning) and foots (dust).
29. The visual lightning effects of the attack animations of Titans sometimes appear on a wrong place.

  1. (CODE) The Caravan pathfinding is still terrible, they stop frequently near to buildings, sometimes even stuck inside buildings. Other units do this very rarely.
  2. (CODE) The visual quality of Great Flood is on joke level. The Great flood suk in units before waves reach them and then they float in the air, sometimes they aren’t even above the water, they float above ground. Sometimes they float underground. 11 I know that it’s only a Tornado code with minimal modifications. Code should be rewritten.

I hope devs will make at least one patch for EE before Definitive Edition.

  1. (CODE) Villagers can’t repair Farms. They start to gather from Farms instead. However they can repair Greek Temples. In AOE2 they can repair Farms.
  2. (DATA) Jiangshi leaves Scorpion Footprints despite of it floats above ground.
  3. (CODE) Hades’ Shades ignore buildlimit, when the player has no Temple.
  4. (CODE) Poseidon’s Militia always ignore buildlimit.
  5. (DATA) The special attack of Bellerophon (and Polyphemus) have no bonus against Set animals, it does less damage than normal attack.
  6. (DATA) Siege ships have a 3.2X bonus multiplier against Gates since Patch 2.1 without any rational reason. All of their projectiles hit the Gate actually.

is it just me or the meteor god power animation is still bugged…

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38. (CODE) Blessed Construction doesn’t work on multiple selected buildings.
39. (DATA) Khopesh of Horus relic doesn’t affect the attack of Son of Osiris and other special attacks (Bellerophon, Polyphemus etc)
40. (CODE) Mutedamage flag has no effect on Areaattack actions.
41. (MODDING) LogicalTypeAutoattackTargetsBuildings unittype has no effect without AbstractSiegeWeapon unittype.
42. (DATA) Gardens should have slightly smaller obstructionradius: 3.50
43. (MODEL) Hippocrates should use Theocrat models for relic carry animations with minor changes instead of Monk models, because Hippocrates models are actually Theocrat models with minor changes. Textures are fit to Theocrat model: theocrat
44. (MODDING) Make it possible to modify the minimum/maximum sell/buy cost via techtree.

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China was heavy nerf this changes would fix them:
1 that the peasants deliver the resources in the deposits and tc when they finish building one of these (yes until now this has not been fixed all the collectors deliver correctly except the Chinese)
2 the initial resources of the Chinese are very scarce mainly food generally you need to find more sources of food than other civs to be able to advance to the classic age and on maps with little food it is much more difficult with the Chinese, they should start with + 10f ,+ 25f or + 50f and + 25g to help build a garden so that there is no shortage of food or stop the production of villagers. Greeks start with a lot more food just because they start with one less villager. and you will see that this is not fair because the probability of stopping the production of villagers for lack of food is very high with the Chinese equaling the amount of villagers but the Greeks with more food.
3 all civs have scouts and an alternative to help reveal the map (Greek kataskopos, pegasus and hippocampus, egyptian priest, obelisk and lighthouse, 1ulfsark but can train more, buildings and crows, atlantean has 3 oracles and can train more) the Chinese have nothing but the blind scout which is the worst of all.Should increase the Los of the 2 scouts from 8 to 16 and restore his speed to 6.0
4 make the first two gardens faster to build and at the same price. this way you can make both easier. so that it is more practical to build by building two foundations and then the other 8 later.
5 monk available in the classical age to help heal and defend when healing is most needed.
6 Line improvements are expected to affect converted military units from other non-Chinese civs.
7 the attack animation of the chu-ko-nu must be the same as that of the toxotes and the range too.

  1. (CODE) Atlantean heroes should never stop after hero conversion, just continue what they did automatically.
  2. (DATA) City of the Dead tech doesn’t affect respawn time of the Secondary Pharaoh.
  3. (DATA) Eclipse should affect Scarab Blood like a special attack.
  4. (DATA) Son of Osiris shouldn’t grant new Pharaoh, just like in the original game. (the Pharaoh Respawn should have have a prereq: Son of Osiris can’t be alive and the Secondary Pharaoh Respawn should have a prereq: maximum 1 “abstractpharaoh” can be alive)
  5. (PRT) Myth unit birth effects should be always visible with or without gather point, like hero birth effects.
  6. (DATA) Conversion time modifier in techtree should use WorkRate and MinWorkRate in the same time.
  7. (DATA) Techtree recharge time modifiers (all of them) should use PERCENT instead of BASEPERCENT in order to avoid extreme values. (For example: Eclipse + Tail of Cerberus relic = Mummy has 5 recharge time. It will be 7.5, if there are PERCENT everywhere)

EDIT: 22. (MODDING) - also introduce a ConvertAbovePopCap param to exatctly define, how many units can be converted, when there are no free pop space. For example 100 pop cap, 10 ConvertAbovePopCap -> Monks can convert until population is under 110.

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should be a game.cfg command, not a param.

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I’m wondering are there any developers who is working on this game? There is bigger chance that they are working on a DE version or AoM2.

They can work on both. These bugs will be legacy bugs in DE, unless they fix it.

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  1. (CODE) Amphibious (War Salamander, Azure Dragon) and naval units don’t ignore already destroyed buildings. They can pass them only as a last resort, when no other route is available. This issue sometimes also results that they stuck somewhere. The issue affects only the long range pathing, when the distance is very small, they can go through ruins. I created a simple video representation for this bug:
  2. (DATA) Sistrum of Bast relic doesn’t affect the wood and gold cost of villagers (Dwarf, Atlantean Villager). It should use percent instead of basepercent, because Atlantean Villager hero with Heart of the Titans and Sistrum of Bast relic can have two different cost.
  3. (DATA) Geyser should be invulnerable (they have no HP, but area attacks can kill them) and useless unittypes like LogicalTypeMythUnitNotTitan should be removed, they can cause bugs, for example a Titan can buck the Geyser away. It also solves a late-game visual bug, where the Geyser spray remains visible for the rest of the game, after Geyser dies during a buck attack animation.
  4. (CODE) Heka Giant dust (Heka Shockwave SFX in proto) and Geyser spray sometimes remain visible for the rest of the game, when they die during a buck attack. It’s a late-game only bug, can’t be reproduced in the editor. Vortex probably has a similar problem.
  5. (DATA) Uproots shouldn’t be affected by Masons and Architects, because they aren’t buildings. They are units in the proto like trees. Remove useless unittypes.
  6. (DATA) Great Flood has 10 active time and 60 minimapevent time.

Some textures still don’t seem to be rendered correctly with Patch 2.8.
Here is a comparison:

Amanra in AoM: EE

Amanra in AoM: The Titans

Here is another example:

Axeman in AoM: EE


first pic - Hippocrates with and without relic
second pic - Hippocrates with relic after bored animation.
58. (CODE) Shennong’s Sitting Tiger and Fire Lance do significantly less damage against buildings under construction comapared to the Nuwa/Fuxi variants despite of they should be stronger.
59. (MODEL) Kastor (Adult) loses player color during attack animation.
60. (DATA) Setna and Zhi have recharge time bar, but it does nothing.
61. (DATA) Jiao-Long has a functioning recharge time bar, but he hasn’t animation/model for any special attack, so it hasn’t real effect.
62. (DATA) The tooltip of Jiao-Long is false. You should use the tooltip number of General Melagius.
63. (MODEL) Shun uses the same animation for normal and special gore attack.
64. (DATA) Citadel Center has no food cost. Gold cost is also 400 for non-egyptian civs. It should has always the same cost like Town Center.
65. (DATA) Uproot should be in EmbellishmentClass in editor instead of UnitClass. It’s not a real unit.
66. (DATA) “Kraken SPC2” has wrong editorname: 50472 "Chinese Hero who… It hasn’t even animation file.
67. (DATA) “Qilin heal” has no displayname and therefore appears on the top of editor.
68. (DATA) Parrotambient and Eagleambient soundsets should have 0.25 volume in soundsets-xpack file, Duckambient should has 0.4. Only for soundset names, for sound file names it shouldn’t be changed. (Note: ambient sounds don’t work in test scenarios in editor) They are too loud currently.
69. (CODE) Monks can’t heal Automatons, Healing Springs can. LogicalTypeCanBeHealed makes them healable even if they are in pieces.
70. (ANIM) - Yaks controlled by Set has the same visual effect like Set’s wild animals despite of Yaks are herdables.

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Nuwa is the worst on water maps of all because the dock costs 125 (yes it is more expensive than the Nordic 120) and the Junk are inferior to the other boats they are slower, have less range, only have + 20hp which represents less than 6,9% extra life while the most similar to it is the Nordic long boat which has + 17% attack. I suggest that the Junk of Nu wa be cheaper to compensate (military and also boats would cost less)recreation is a lame god power and should be improved and can be used on dead enemy villagers or dead allies and taking control of them in a raid for example and taking advantage of the location to build a market or buildings with them making nuwa cooler.

Chinese have two ridicioulously overpriced techs:
Ancient Destroyer 300W 300G 30Fv +15% speed for ships.
East Sea 300W 300G 30Fv -20% cost for ships
However they aren’t bad on water in my opinion.
For comparision Osiris has
Funeral Barge 300W 15Fv (since patch 2.0) Kebenits have +100% bonus damage vs arrow ships.
On other hand Heroic Fleet needs a big nerf because it makes naval myth units useless. Decrease the bonus from +150% to +100%.

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Triggers in random maps only work for players 0-10 (0 = gaia)
This means players in the spot 11 / 12 won’t benefit from technologies granted through the script.

(In addition it would be a good feature to store and push basic map information like land / watermap
directly from the rm script to the AI)

Edit: The above could been done by inserting the following code into AoMXai

void watermap(int parm=-1)

void transport(int parm=-1)

With this every rm map script could call an AI Func
setting either “watermap” or “transport” for the AI.

for(i=1; <cNumberPlayers)


rmAddTriggerEffect("AI Func");
rmSetTriggerEffectParam("FnName", "watermap");
rmSetTriggerEffectParamInt("PlayerID", i);


This would be a great option for all custom maps not just randoms!

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Speaking of AI:

The Chinese AI players don’t use their godpowers correctly. Some simple changes would do the job.

Replace “cResourceGold” with “cResourceWood”


Replace “cPowerTsunami” with “cPowerYearOfTheGoat”

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AI has so many problems. I use only AoModAi, it’s much better.

  1. (DATA) Atlantean male and female villagers have different wood choping (attack anim vs tree) animation lenghts. Female villager technically lose 1 gather rate (1second=2.73+)/Gaia tree. Female hero villagers after armory and age upgrades also lose 1 gather rate (1second=2.56+)/ normal tree. (Voobly patch 4.0 already fixed this.)
  2. (DATA) Geyser should also work on heroes, siege weapons, set animals, shades of hades, golden lions, relic monkeys. Just use “LogicalTypeValidTremorAttack” and “Hero” for rate.
  3. (CODE) It seems like pathfinding considers the two wall pieces of Gate passable at least partially. It’s easy to repro, here is a video: AOM Pathfinding bug (Gate) - YouTube
    EDIT: 30. (CODE) Here is the video for the most common Caravan pathfinding bug: AOM Pathfinding bug (Caravan) - YouTube
  4. (AI) Pharaoh tries to put a relic to a Temple again and again: AOM AI bug (relic) - YouTube
  5. (AI) Villagers build 10 Mining Camps for a Gold Mine: AOM AI bug (Mining Camp) - YouTube
  6. (CODE) Removed initial builder by Town Bell button can cause extremely slow build rates. This bug sometimes happens because of other similar actions as well, but only the Town Bell button provides reliable reproduction: AOM Construction bug (Town Bell) - YouTube
  7. (DATA) There is no hotkey to train multiple White Tigers.
  8. (DATA) The default hotkey to build Sky Passage doesn’t work, because the hero transformation has the same hotkey.
  9. (DATA) Set animal conversion: Proto: Tiger - minrate missing, Techtree: Tiger - workrate should be 30, Lizard - workrate should be 60, Panda bear - workrate should be 60.
  10. (DATA) Eclipse doesn’t affect the crush buck attack of War Turtle.
  11. (DATA) Monstrous Rage doesn’t affect the buck attack of Titan.
  12. (CODE) Units sometimes walk through walls and other buildings. I saved this scenario: AOM Pathfinding bug (Walking through walls) - YouTube
  13. (DATA) Immortals should use ranged attack against Fire Lances and hand attack against Sentinels with 96% pierce armor.