2DE things that should be on 1DE

This game needs mor attention as well some 2DE features that should be in the game:

  • Displayed Hotkeys (Doesn’t exist but for all DEs it should)
  • Art of War challenges
  • Each civ with a icon like 2DE
  • Multi-Task feature.
  • Hotkeys for techs and upgrades
  • more pop cap for campaigns
  • In game history.
  • 1.7 game speed.
  • Empire Wars gamemode
  • Progress bar
  • Gates.

But a thing that most people want hard: New Expansions.
Some ideas:

  • Barbarian invasion : Celts, Germanics, Scythians, Xiongnu.
  • Into the Indus: Indians, Bactrians, Funan, Vietnamese.
  • The Forgotten Cultures: Armenians, Hebrew, Parthians, Nubians, Axumites.

New Campaigns:

  • The Rise of the Achaemenids (Persians).
  • The valley of Indus (Indians).
  • Rise of the chanyu (Xiongnu).
  • David, the shepard king (Hebrew).
  • The millenial culture (Shang).
  • Historical Battles like AOE2DE: Teutoburg, Magnesia, Carrhae, Raphia, etc…

There’s a reason Hebrews (Judeans/Israelites) aren’t there, it’s because it strays too far into religion (don’t reply with BS, go Google it or read some of the first books of the Bible :wink: )

Also Egyptians include Nubians, Nubia was basically ‘Upper Egypt’


Also things like unique units, formations, unique techs, team bonuses. If someone doesn’t like it they could always go for the “classic version” mode.

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a new expansion would be great and bring this game very much alive with new maps, civics and some newer units. But only is microsoft listen to the fans :frowning:


I agree that the game should receive attention, but not according to your suggestions. If I wanted an expansion, I’d rather have new units and a few new civs than campaigns or Art of War. I would also like the flare function.

Better leave King David’s campaign for an Age of Mythology expansion!

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Unique units no please. Instead more general units to have more variety in the tech tree, but leave the unique units in AOE2 …


I think, we wrote and discussed all the things here:

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Nubians in the Antiquity had their own kingdom that even overtake the Egyptians at some point of history: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kingdom_of_Kush.


The Macedonian +2 PA for Academy units must affect war elephants

great ideas. i agree with all. and you know your history. v. good. someone actually knows the xiongnu

I fear adding new civs would unbalance the game…

And gates would suck. I don’t think we need gates… And anyways, I don’t think that would be really strategic to place a gate anyways … it would be more easily destroyed than a piece of wall, which can be replaced very fast. Useless addition.

1.7 game speed would be awesome. I think 2.0 is fine, but alot of people complain about that being too fast… I find 1.5 too slow, but I tolerate … because majority of people play that speed…

Art of War challenges would be really cool ! Speaking of those kind of scenarios, we really need triggers in editor! And the 50 pop on campaigns sucks… I always end up upgrading zealotry because then I can make 50 villagers and transform them into my army lol. I’ve always wanted in game history as well.

I have no idea what progress bar, displayed hotkeys, empires war gamemode, and multi-task feature are.

And there are hotkeys for techs and upgrades? Wut? Anways, there are fewer buildings on AOE1, why not just put market and government siege on a hotkey instead? :slight_smile: You can easily upgrade while in battle doing that.

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Why unbalance? New civs means better balance changes

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If there were new civs, surely new units will come too. So we can’t talk about balance yet.

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I still think that the new civs are of little use as long as everything looks the same again anyway. That’s why you should help with the skins first.

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Yo. A gate is for units to come and go easily and keep enemies out. Are a noob?

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YES, PLEASE! While the UI changes with every civ that it’s used, it’s not enough! Plus, it would be really cool to have shields/icons as in Age of Empires 2: DE.

Yes, this too. Fixing the Shift+Secondary Click feature for waypoints is a must, if you ask me.

Would like this. YES. This will make the game much more tense and challenging, IMO.

Nice to have some more options for game speed. The bug that switches it to 2.0 should be fixed, too.

Can you elaborate more on this? I don’t understand.

This one’s polemical, but I will be very thankful if it’s eventually added. Would love them. As long as they’re optional, they shouldn’t be an issue for players.

This is nice for new content. Sky is the limit. I for one would love at least ONE expansion other than just The Rise of Rome. Something about Indians would be REALLY, REALLY GREAT! :smiley:


Turns out it’s not a bug, but the alternative “+” key next to the P on the keyword being pressed accidentally.

1.7 speed in Age of Empires 2: DE is actually slower than the 1.5 speed in Age of Empires 1: DE. Just look at the horses. 1.7 in AoE2:DE makes them go fast, but not faster than the average horse in AoE1:DE.

But yeah, more options are OK. Everything new would expand what the game is and how it is enjoyed.

We have discussed all this things hundreds of times here in the forum. So why bother to open a thread again?

Many greetings.

For the most part I only wanted developers to realise we still care for their game. Sorry if I upset you.