3 civil need to improve

Vietnamese, Byzantine, Chinese

  1. byzan: add blood line upgrade
  2. Viet: reduce rattan archer cost + delete delay shoot
  • delete paper money tech and change to other tech
  1. china: just - 100f 100g( or little 150f100g) instead 200f 100g from start. Too poor for they and not balance

first this should be in this forum any @moderators able to help?

Chinese are already one of the best civs in the game and don’t need buffs.
and Byzantines giving them bloodlines is a huge overbuff. you’d give them perfectly good knights and cavalry archers, on top of boosting the power of their insanely cheap camels too.


Thank yoou so much. About my mistake but I wantr say it long time ago

You listed literally one of the strongest civ in the game (chinese) and two solid civs that can compete with no problem against other civs on arabia.


I play vietnamese, and I tell you that you dont want to delete their delay shoot. They would became so powerful that would end nerfed.
Rattan archers are fine. If vietnamese need buffs, the only things I can think about are paper money and elephants, and they only little buffs in those fields. For the rest, they are fine.


i agree with +50 food bonus for chinese for being more beginner friendly. and better low elo civ, cause no any low elo player can play dark age with them and lost easily
(it is not gold, wood)

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except now they are gonna be even stronger at the highest level.


Agree and instead remove heavy camel upgrade from them

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don’t think I like that. Heavy Camel is very useful against Cavalry civs. I think the civ is fine as it is. Chinese are super strong civ.

It’s seems super random. Guys, Chinese is a top civ. Not noob friendly, but top civ


For the love of God, Chinese don’t need buff, they need a nerf


Only way to make adding Bloodlines to Byzantines not broken is to remove Iron Casting from them, maybe Forging too. :smiley:

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would also necessitate a nerf to cataphract health as well.

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Or remove Plate Branding armor. Still a big buff until imp.

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removing plate barding from a defensive civ seems a bit…contradictory.


Maybe cheaper Camel with bloodlines compensate that. Koreans is also a defensive civ and they don’t have plate barding either.
Anyway I don’t think Byzantines need any change. Maybe a monk tech like Sanctity or Fervor free or something that small.

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Korean don’t have a cav UU tho.

Also Byz are a strong monk rush civ and they can even perform a fast imp monk+treb strategy on Arena, giving them free monk stuff on top of that would be dumb.

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I afraid removing iron casting isnt that useful, as their camel play will be sick with bloodline…
Removing forging is way too crazy LOL

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I see no, they are need more thing from expensive arrcher, compare to other uniq archer civil×(¶ special mayian). Paper money is long idea delete it I high compreciate your reply. About chinese + 50 food dont make they stronger, just moorre standard start for they, unfair start for china. Byzan cheap camel but not ok for they when lost2 tech important +4 damagge, hp and they not get much think in imperial age

Chinese are already one of the strongest civs in the game, and yes 50 food would make them stronger as they would be able to make villagers right away.