37 surreal civs (civ replacement data mod)

I present to you …

…the 37 surreal civs civ replacement data mod.

It’s a data mod that replaces all 37 civs in the game with weird OP civs.

Link to the data mod: Mods Single – Age of Empires

Link to the UI file for the mod: Mods Single – Age of Empires

My first full 37 civ total conversion mod!

All civs use exactly 300 points on the civ builder.

Data mod must be enabled and also selected before every game for it to work.

Tech tree file must be (temporarily) overwrited manually if you want to see the tech trees and civ bonuses in game (that file is in the widget UI folder for the UI mod (not the main mod). If you want to undo the replaced file just verify the game files in Steam or make sure you have a backup for the file on the Microsoft store.

With special thanks to krakenmeister for his civ builder: Civilization Builder

Also with thanks to Spirit of the Law for his introduction and tutorial to the civ builder.

If you want to find the mod in the in-game mod searcher then search for TOAO.

You should find it that way, too.


Screenshot of the crazy civs


Pretty cool looking flags for your civis.

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When I get around to it I’m maybe gonna make improvements for 5 of the civs. The other 32 I’m very happy with.

Is it possible to have a custom game with friends with this mod?

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Should be no problem right? As long as everyone has the UI mod and the dat mod is used when hosting the lobby.

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Yep would work fine. I just need to update 5 of the civs but only feels worth doing if more people take interest.

Those 5 civs still work I just gave them bonuses for stuff they don’t have, etc whoops. I checked all the civs over carefully no other errors in the others.

Very happy with 32/37. And it’s an easy fix for the underpowered ones if more take interest :slight_smile:

UI mod isn’t even necessary for the mod to work it’s just more awkward playing without it haha.